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When it comes to getting the most out of your marketing campaign, you need to consider print finishing. The correct type of print finishing will attract your customers, like silver to a magpie.

For instance, polywrap has long been used as one of our core direct mail printing services. Not only can it look shiny, but it also protects your mail and your all-important message.

What is polywrapping?

Polywrapping, essentially, refers to enclosing magazines or marketing brochures within a sealed, polythene wrap. The wrapping is, generally, transparent to allow consumers to see what is inside and, effectively, encourage them to open. The process is part of the mail fulfilment process – a stage between printing and distribution – at a direct mail house, and is achieved through the use of a polywrapping machine. Polywrapping is often used by those looking for high volume, robust enclosing. It’s a suitable as it ensures your direct mailer is delivered in pristine condition.

Environmental benefits

Polythene is completely recyclable, which is why the material is so popular among mailing companies. The polythene can be reformed into granules and dyed and, subsequently, used again at a direct mail house. On request, we can even provide completely compostable polythene polywrapping, which goes a step further in helping to save the environment.  Polywrap can be a great addition to your campaign – particularly as consumers turn towards companies that are actively searching for methods to reduce their carbon footprint. For instance, 66% of consumers have recently stated they would happily pay more for products or services if the brand were recognised as environmentally-friendly. Therefore, those looking for direct mail management should suggest the possibilities of polywrapping to their chosen mailing house. Also, polythene does not require bleaches or chemicals during production, so it further reduces the risk of pollution.

Envelope vs polywrap

As a mailing house, it is difficult to compare the use of an envelope to that of polywrap – both have their benefits. However, polywrapping is a great direct mail printing service for those sending multiple inserts. While envelopes better suit single purpose transactional mail and the initial ‘brand awareness’ stage, polywrapping can boost responses for mail delivered to priority consumers. If you have identified the demographic most likely to buy into your services, for example, you can send multiple offers in one direct mailer, or even create a dimensional package, with polywrapping ensuring it is delivered in one attractive piece.

Similarly, polywrapping is a print finishing technique that can appear more professional than an envelope at first glance. Most campaigns utilising polywrap have to be outsourced to a mailing house. Therefore, you can subtly convey the time and effort that has gone into producing the mailer, thus encouraging consumers to open.

Advantages of polywrapping

It’s clear there are significant benefits to using polywrapping during the mail fulfilment process.






Polywrapping, at most mailing companies, is a cost-effective option for those producing a large volume of direct mail. It can also prove cheaper than their envelope equivalent. For instance, the weight of an envelope may be a little heavier than that of polywrapping, which can substantially affect your budget if you are attempting to keep the postage price below a certain threshold. Royal Mail also provides some postage discounts for those that opt for the print finishing service of polywrap.


In the case of direct mail marketing, consumers do judge a book by its cover. If your direct mail marketing piece is delivered through their door with little effort and little relevance – falling into the crowd of takeaway advertisers – you have, essentially, wasted your money. The two seconds you have to capture their attention means you can either sink, or swim – we choose swim. Polywrapping denotes professionalism and effort – you have taken the time to ensure this message is carefully enclosed and protected, so it must be important, right?

Another benefit to polywrapping is that, in most cases, you can see what is immediately on display. If you have properly segmented your consumers – more info on how to do that here – the message should be hyper-personalised and relevant. The message directly relates to their way of life, so they are unlikely to ignore your campaign as they may do with an email.


You have, most likely, received damaged mail in the post, so ensure your campaign is safe through polywrap. Envelopes are, typically, less durable and there is more scope for undesirable folds or tears. Similarly, water can substantially damage your campaign, whereas polywrapping is waterproof.

Depending on the format and message of your campaign, polywrapping may be a more budget-friendly direct mail service. If you would like to discuss our print finishing and, subsequently, direct mail management features – you can get in touch with our team today.

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