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We believe that a high-quality personalised campaign piece with the right message will consistently outperform any digital campaign for customer engagement and ROI. Nothing beats the results of a tactile direct mail product in the hand.

Our direct mailing fulfilment capabilities are the cornerstone of our operation and have been built on a foundation of guaranteed pack integrity, reliability, efficiency and fair pricing. If you’re looking for a supplier who you can trust with your brand, then look no further than the safe hands of Washington Direct Mail. Make an impact with our direct mail services today:

Transactional Mail Services

We’re very proud of our transactional mail capabilities, which have been a core service since opening in 1983. We can receive data files in almost any format, create complex documents, print and enclose at high speed using 2D barcodes to guarantee pack integrity and provide high-level reporting. We have several solutions to automate the secure data transfer, data processing, print file generation, and reporting on your direct mail.

Envelope Enclosing

Using envelopes for your direct mail piece allows you to achieve the best postage rates and gives the professional look of a transactional mail piece. We use the same barcode and camera functionality that we use for transactional mail, as well as weight checkers to guarantee that every envelope has the correct contents. Our cameras can also be used for matched mailings (matching up to three personalised inserts or matching two personalised inserts to a personalised envelope) or for selective feeding (up to six generic inserts).

Hand Fulfilment

Some jobs just aren’t suitable for machine fulfilment, and for these, we have a vastly experienced hand fulfilment team. If you have a direct mailing with a non-standard insert (t-shirt or pen for example), more than eight inserts, very short run or anything else, our team will be able to tackle it. We also offer pick and pack direct mail services where we store your products and compile custom packs based on your order history.

Poly Wrapping

apping your direct mail piece in clear polythene allows the recipient to see the pack contents before opening, which can be incredibly advantageous. Polythene is very light when compared to an envelope, and it can be used to keep the overall pack weight under the threshold for postage price increases (100g or 250g typically). It is also very strong and is better for very heavy direct mail pieces like chunky catalogues for example. Potato starch wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to polythene as it is fully biodegradable.

Shrink Wrapping

We are able to offer shrink wrapping for short runs. Ideal for bulk packing, heavy/large items, or just to achieve a more compact mail piece compared to poly wrapping.


If the message on your mail piece is short then a postcard is the most cost-effective way to send it. For larger volumes, we will litho print the cards and then either inkjet or laser print the personalisation. For shorter runs or fully personalised postcards, we will print digitally. Either way, there is no finishing or fulfilment required other than trimming to finished size, and there are no open edges so postcards can meet the cheapest postage prices.

See how postcards can advance your direct mail marketing strategy.

One-piece mailers

andard examples are 4pp, 6pp, and 8pp which are creased, folded, and either sealed with a clear tab (see below) or glued. With die cutting and expert print finishers, in house there are plenty of options for creating something more distinctive and unusual.


Applying a clear circular label with a perforation across the open edge of a folded leaflet, one-piece mailer or booklet is a neat and cost-effective way of sealing your direct mailing piece. If the mailer has a flap that creates a closed edge, we can also apply the clear perforated label to the face of the mail piece to seal.


Creating bespoke packaging in short runs is often considered to be too expensive to justify, but at Washington Direct Mail we can digitally print (and personalise) on up to 400gsm stock and die cut to create unique packaging solutions that are very cost effective. We have a range of standard dies that we can apply your design to, or we can create new dies to meet your brand specification. We can create boxes that fold together or trays that are sealed with a separate lid or wrap around sleeve. Ideal for small products, giveaways or samples.

Undelivered Mail Handling

You can use our PO Box address with your company name, and any undelivered mail will be returned to us. We will capture the addresses and the reason it couldn’t be delivered, and either supply this information back to you or store it and remove those addresses from future direct mailings.

What Makes Us Different When it Comes to Mail Services


We know that a single mail piece delivered to the wrong person or with the wrong information in it can be extremely damaging to your brand. To prevent this, we print barcodes on every letter we produce that can be read by cameras and guarantee pack integrity. Every feeder we use has double detection, and we can even weigh every single envelope to verify the pack contents.


We strive to be able to machine fill as many jobs as possible. So, when selecting our range of envelope enclosing lines, we chose five different machines. All have different capabilities but with many overlapping features so there is never a single point of failure. We can enclose into envelopes from C6 to C4, and we have a range of feeders that include rotary, friction and swing arm that means we can handle a wide range of insert types. Then we have automatic page feeders that can feed variable numbers of pages, nest, and fold inline. We have machines that are very quick to setup for short runs, and others that are designed for serious volumes and they all have cameras and/or weigh checkers for guaranteed integrity.

Fast Turnaround

It’s great to get lots of notice for an upcoming project, but in the fast-moving world of business, it is not always possible. We specialise in hitting very tight deadlines, and we often meet same-day releases for our customers. Our bespoke MIS allows us to create estimates, add new jobs, and schedule production slots extremely quickly. Our data, print, and fulfilment departments are flexible and well versed in prioritising urgent jobs. We will always pull out all the stops to hit a deadline, but we will never compromise on quality when doing so.

To get a flavour for what we do, and how you can advance your direct mail marketing, see some of our creative examples for your direct mail marketing.

Meet Simon, our mail expert

Our people are the difference: Simon has over 19 years’ experience at WDM.

Simon has worked his way through the ranks from Machine Operator, to Supervisor, to Production Manager. He knows how to run, fix, and maintain every machine we have and takes joy in passing this knowledge on to the rest of the team. His greatest strength is managing the production schedule, ensuring that we always get the most out of each machine and staff member.

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Mail FAQs

What mailing equipment do you have?

For envelope enclosing, we’ve got a Buhrs BB700 and a BB600 and a CMC 250. These three machines all have full page feeding systems, and they are fitted with two or three cameras for intelligent enclosing. We also have two Pitney Bowes Vitesse enclosing lines (one with a page feeding system and two cameras) with Driver Southall weigh checking machines. We also have a Norpak Polyprocessor for poly wrapping, a Buskro tabber and a Paktur shrink wrapper. Our plant list is available on request.

How much capacity have you got?

Enclosing volumes depend on the number of sheets/inserts and the size of the envelope. We can comfortably enclose 250k C5 envelopes with a single sheet per shift. We can poly wrap at 40k, shrink wrap at 10k and tab at 100k per shift. We usually work a single shift five days a week but can switch to two shifts and seven days a week at very short notice to more than double our capacity.

Can you hold stock items?

Yes. Approximately a third of our site is used for storage with floor to ceiling racking to store pallets, and we also have plenty of shelving space the full length of our hand packing area. Pallet or shelf space can be rented monthly, but often we can offer free storage if we are supplying the items. Our bespoke MIS contains an extensive stock management system which records the location, quantity in stock and any movements in or out. Deliveries can be scheduled, stock allocated to a job, any overs returned to stock and reorder quantities assigned to give notification when stock levels are getting low. Clients can access our MIS to view real time stock lists.

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