How Much Does it Cost for Direct Mail Services

Depending on the services you want, the size of your campaign, and the materials you use, your direct mail marketing costs will vary. Knowing how much you’re likely to spend is essential to best plan for your year ahead and optimise your marketing budget.

Learning what goes into your direct mail services can also help you find areas to cut costs or maximise your return on investment. With measures such as data analysis for finding the audiences with the most engagement to A/B testing, there are plenty of ways to reduce your costs and get the same great marketing.


How much does direct mail marketing cost the UK?

If you’re looking to hire direct mailing services, one of your biggest considerations will be budget. In the UK, direct mail marketing can cost you anywhere between £500 and £1000 per 1000 mailers. This will vary depending on your mailing list size, locations, designs and prints.

How much does a direct mail campaign cost?

A direct mail marketing campaign can cost anything between 50p and £1 per piece of print. Large format prints will inevitably cost more to post than smaller prints, so this is worth bearing in mind when you’re creating your direct mail prints.

Here at Washington Direct Mail, we offer end-to-end services, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you need from your direct mail marketing strategy. From design to data and postage, we’ve got the skills in-house to assist your campaign from conception to execution.

What is the success rate of direct mail advertising?

Direct mail marketing has constantly proven to outperform other strategies, with the response rate for this form being higher than that of email marketing. If you’re looking for guaranteed customer engagement, this tactile format is perfect for getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

On average, you will receive a minimum ½ to 2% response rate, with half expected to continue onto the buying stage. This means that for a campaign of 1000 mailers, you can expect up to 20 responses and an average of 10 purchases.

How much does it cost to send direct mail advertising?

Postage often forms the majority of your budget when it comes to direct mail marketing. Depending on your print size, the price will differ, but you can expect around 60% of your budget to go towards sending your mail. On average, this can be somewhere between £300-600.

At Washington Direct Mail, we’re dedicated to cost-efficient postage for your direct mail marketing. That is why we hold accounts with daily collectors and have a dedicated Postage Coordinator whose role involves ensuring that your prints are delivered on time with the cheapest postage option.

What to consider when planning for direct mail advertising costs

The cost of your direct mail marketing will depend on a number of factors, with the price fluctuating based on the choices you make. We are dedicated to providing great mailing services for the best price and aim to reduce costs where possible for all our customers.


Some things to consider when planning your costs are:


The size and design of your direct mail will affect the price. Whether you opt for a black-and-white design or something with colour, the change in inks, paper, and other resources can have different pricing points.

Here at Washington Direct Mail, we endeavour to understand fully what your business wants from a campaign and can take your ideas and budget to create a design and strategy for you.

Mailing list

Depending on the size and location of your mailing list, you can expect your costs to fluctuate. Keeping your mailing list local can help reduce costs, as can specifying your target customers. By using data, we can better understand which customers will benefit from direct mail marketing and provide you with the best response rate—ultimately, providing a better return on investment for your campaign.

Working with direct mailing houses

Working with direct mailing houses can help reduce your overhead as you won’t have to spend additional time, people, or resources on creating or posting your direct mail. We have established mailing partners and the right expertise in-house to take your campaign from idea to letterbox.

To find out exactly how much your direct mail services will cost, request a quote.

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