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Combine your industry specific knowledge with ours to produce a standout design, with targeted variable content that is optimised for maximum postal discount. Our design services can be split into the three categories below and although each can be supplied individually, we find that the best results are achieved when all three are combined.

Creative Graphic Design

Our in-house design team work on a wide variety of projects, from simple static designs like flyers and business cards to entire catalogues, brochures, and questionnaires. Our team can also help to design the base artwork for complex variable data jobs. If you’re just starting out in business or are considering a rebrand, we also do logo design and corporate branding.

Complex Document Creation

When sending a mailing it is unusual for the same message to apply to an entire contact list. The best results are achieved by tailoring each mail piece to the individual. We can create a highly personalised document that allows you to send a targeted message to each recipient, while still achieving the economies of scale of a single bulk mailing. The levels of personalisation are endless, but some common uses are:

  • Variable text — office addresses, single expressions, headings, paragraphs
  • Variable images — photos of account managers, maps, logos, signatures
  • Variable barcodes — 1D, 2D, QR Codes
  • Tables — transactions, timetables, price lists

We will identify every possible permutation of your complex document and provide a digital proof of each, using live or test data, to be checked and approved through our online proofing system.

Mailing Design

Postage discounts can be achieved by using either Mailmark or OCR services, and there are a strict set of guidelines to follow when designing your mail piece. Failure to meet the regulations can lead to the mailing being reverted to a more expensive service. We ensure that every job we process has the correct PPI, the correct clear zones, a return address, and is machine readable to get the cheapest postage price.

What Makes Us Different


The design and data processing departments have developed an excellent relationship. By having a graphic design team that understands the complexities of personalisation and the postal industry, we get a mail ready design first time.


As you’d expect, we’ve got the full Adobe Creative Suite, but we also have Planet Press Connect, which is an industry-leading solution for data driven design and automation through workflows. We’ve been using Planet Press for years, and we were one of the early adopters when Connect was released. To this day, we haven’t found a complex job specification that we couldn’t complete using the software.

Meet Rob, our creative graphic designer

Our people are the difference: Senior Graphic Designer Rob has over 12 years’ experience at WDM.

Rob is an experienced creative graphic designer who is well known for two things: he’s fussy and he loves a bargain. Both are a good thing, of course! He transfers these traits into his work by ensuring every client gets high level design at a fair price.

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Design FAQs

What do I need to supply?

The more resources and detail you can give us at the start, the easier the design process will be — for example,  if you have a set of brand guidelines, please supply them to us. If you are supplying logos or any other images, please try to send the highest resolution versions you have and preferably as vector images. If you are supplying finished artwork, please ensure it is print ready with bleed and crop marks. If you want to create a complex document with many variable elements, remember that the data file must contain enough information to control the variables e.g. to include a different offer to males and females, the data file must include a gender field.

Can I see examples of your design?

We have taken the business decision not to disclose the names of any of our clients. We work under NDA with most of them and cannot provide samples of any live work. However, we have created a sample pack that showcases our design, print and finishing capabilities and offers suggestions of what is possible with personalisation that is entirely in WDM branding. Click here to request a sample pack.

Will you store my design files?

We will securely store all design files (unless instructed otherwise) for a minimum of five years. This includes any resources used to create the design file or mailing template, but we will never store any client data.

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