A Guide to Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail as a marketing channel can be beneficial for industries such as real estate, where connecting with your customers and the wider local community is a must. From enticing new buyers to representing sellers, there’s a wide demographic you need to pander to, and direct mail marketing is one-way real estate agents can truly make an impact in their location.

With design targeting, automation, and data analysis, you’ll be better able to understand the return on investment from your marketing efforts, connect with your audiences where they live and adjust your strategies to suit your business goals.


Why you should use direct mail marketing for your real estate business

The home is the heart of what you do, and what better way to approach your customers than by marketing directly to their homes? Real estate direct mail marketing works to directly connect you, your customers, and their properties. By adopting this tangible marketing into your strategies, you’ll be able to personalise and customise your prints to better influence your customers.

This can work both in the short and long term to boost your brand recognition with your customers and even potential customers.


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The benefits of real estate direct mail marketing

There are plenty of benefits to connecting with your market audience through direct mail marketing services. Real estate direct mail marketing connects your business to their homes in a tangible way. Some benefits include:


High targeting

Direct mail marketing for real estate has the benefit of high targeting capabilities. Unlike other marketing efforts, such as signage, direct mail can be targeted to your specific wants and needs. You can target your campaigns with specific criteria, including:

  • Demographic – including age, income level, or marital status.
  • Geographic locations – targeting specific locations within your catchment area, neighbourhoods, and postcode areas to make sure you’re gaining the right leads.
  • Psychographics – aiming your campaigns at lifestyle, interest, and values to gain the tenants or buyers who suit your properties best, whether it’s student tenants looking for accommodation close to their University or professionals who want to live somewhere quieter but with good commuter links.


Effective sales tool

Another benefit is that direct mail is an effective sales tool. Advertising your properties or selling services in a tangible form gives your customers a consistent reference point, as opposed to swiping away from an ad on social media. This physical form of marketing, when targeted correctly, can provide a higher response rate, as you’re reaching out at the right time.


Client retention

Direct mail can also be a great way of maintaining your client retention. Automating your direct mail approach with a trusted partner who can assist you from design to getting it to its destination means that you can keep in touch with tenants, buyers, and potential sellers across a long period of time without wasting additional time and resources creating new campaigns for each communication.

Consistent outreach to your audiences can help you build brand recognition, ensure that you’re at the front of their minds when they need you, and regularly have access to the most up-to-date socials and contact information.


Cost effectiveness

Direct mail can be a cost-effective way of marketing your real estate offerings as you’re targeting who you need to, without wasting additional time, energy, and resources on unlikely leads or people outside of your neighbourhood. By having these controls on your direct mail marketing strategy, you can gain a higher return on investment by only targeting those from whom your services and properties will benefit.


Manageable campaigns

This control of campaigns can be seen through drip campaigns. You don’t need to target everyone at once, but you can ensure a longer-term strategy through a couple of direct mail interactions a year. This way, you’ll be able to nurture prospects more easily over the long term to ensure that you’re the company they think of when they want to sell their home. Not everyone will be in a position to move, buy, or sell when you start your campaign, but by performing a drip campaign or adjusting your strategy, you’ll be able to maintain the rapport over an extended period of time.


Trackable results

Real estate direct mail marketing can be useful for your strategy monitoring. By using QR codes or personalised URLs (PURLs) in your design, you will be able to better track who is interacting with your direct mail and ensure that you’re targeting these customers with the personalised messaging and information that they need. By adding these tracking codes, you’ll be able to tell who is receiving, viewing, and interacting with your marketing, as well as being able to track where they are landing – whether it is your social media accounts, your website, or a specific property page.


Tips for perfecting your real estate direct mail marketing

Perfecting your direct mail strategy means understanding your audience, perfecting your design and copy, and a bit of trial and error, but with some top tips, you can be on the fast track to connecting with your customers.

real estate blog iconsPersonalisation

Personalising your campaigns is vital for connection with your customers. Customers want to feel valued and seen, whether this is a personalised message or adjusting your design to consider the target psychographic conditions that you’re reaching out to. Working with a trusted design partner such as us, you’ll be able to create direct mail that not only connects with your audience but also can create an emotional and impactful response, helping your marketing efforts stick in their mind.



You’re the experts in your area and neighbourhoods, so let this show with your direct mail. Adjusting the design to incorporate local landmarks, properties, and more will connect your customers to the marketing as they’ll be able to recognise and associate your brand with their community. If you’re attempting to connect with multiple locations, don’t offer your customers a generic design they will skip over. Instead, design your separate locations to truly reach your customers with personalisation that speaks to their homes.


Timing your campaigns

Timing your campaigns right is another must. Working with a trusted direct mail provider can help you strategise the right approach for your business. We have experience providing an end-to-end service which gets you the most out of your direct mail initiatives. Whether you’re looking for a long-term strategy to target potential sellers or aiming to entice movers during peak periods, timing your direct mail and taking postage into account is a must.

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