AI Marketing: Is it the only future for companies?

We need to talk about the future. While we don’t believe robots are about to take over the streets, the future of marketing is looking metallic…

AI marketing is a term thrown a lot around the industry, but what does it actually mean for the likes of direct mail marketing and online advertising. Essentially, the world of marketing is changing continually, with marketing trends regularly updated. As such, your brand needs to get smart when appealing to your target audience. Without tracking the trends and, subsequent, marketing technology – you risk being left in the shade. We’re discussing all of the AI marketing trends and how it can only enhance your direct mail marketing.

Augmented reality

Traditional direct mail

Traditional direct mail has served our mailing house, and other companies well. Direct mailing has always proved successful due to the consumer’s ability to, literally, hold your message, and therefore better recall it. There’s no doubt that the communication medium offers many advantages to companies, particularly with the highest ever response rate recorded by the DMA in the past year. However, as with all industries, you must adapt to achieve the most interaction from your audience. While direct mail postcards and the like still serve a huge purpose, we believe you should incorporate modern technology into your direct mail to showcase your brand is ‘with the times’. Direct mail marketing also using a higher-quality print and offering more than your ‘standard’ mail marketing is also, typically, associated with luxury. Therefore, so will your company. We’re sharing the marketing technology trends you can incorporate into your campaign to see better results.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality marketing is booming. What essentially started as a medium for the more large-scale brands has become more approachable. The likes of Snapchat – asking users to scan paper and even the TV for unique filters – have only demonstrated the possibilities for the market, with many other companies jumping onto the bandwagon. It’s estimated in 2020, there will be one billion users of augmented reality, and these are figures your business cannot ignore. Augmented reality retail is a significant example of brands utilising the tech, with Ikea, Estee Lauder and more communicating with their audience through new and exciting mediums.

Augmented reality marketing and direct mail go hand in hand. You certainly don’t need to break the budget to incorporate augmented reality into your direct marketing. Include QR codes that, perhaps, showcase an illustration when scanned. In turn, you can then track the responses through the number of times the QR code is scanned. As a mailing house, we’ve seen more examples of marketing campaign utilising these possibilities, so it’s always worthwhile to discuss what your printing house can offer your marketing.


While you cannot directly showcase video content on your direct mail marketing (perhaps in the future…), you can offer your consumer the ability to watch a personalised video through your advertising mail. For example, a unique landing page could be placed on the advertising, taking your audience to a video of a product, or even behind-the-scenes. Video content is one of the largest marketing trends to dominate 2018, especially with more than 22 million daily views across YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook. Similarly, 81% of businesses use video tools today – a 63% increase since 2017.

3D Printing

3D printing

3D printing has been used as a marketing tool for the past several years, but we are still yet to see evidence in the mainstream. However, it’s thought 3D printing technology could revolutionise direct mail. In particular, change the scope of dimensional mail. Dimensional mail refers to promotional items that are not flat, and can be anything – a telescope, clock or even recyclable helmet as Smart produced.

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the opportunity for personalised direct mail. Personalised mail is a substantial influence as to whether your recipient opens the marketing. Historically, advertising delivered to the ‘homeowner’ offers a poor chance of response. However, with 3D printing, you could vary the colour, size, style or even logo of the item, thus tailoring your campaign to the needs of the consumer. Similarly, you could incorporate your email marketing with your direct mail marketing. Your company could send an email, with the dimensional attachment, encouraging recipients to print.

We have also touched on the likes of programmatic advertising in the past, which is, essentially, combining your digital marketing and direct mail to lift responses – you can read more here.

Ultimately, marketing technology changes daily and the future is AI marketing. Companies that adapt should see more interaction and, subsequently, revenue. If you would like to discuss what our mailing house can offer your campaigns, you can get in touch today. Alternatively, if you’ve heard of other trends – don’t forget to share them.

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