Why you need an account manager for your campaign

When it comes to managing your campaign and getting it in front of the right people, you need to consider the importance of an account manager. These guardians of your campaign play a vital role in direct mail management.

Generally, an account manager for a mailing house is assigned to a particular account, responsible for maintaining the relationship with the client on a day to day basis. Essentially, they are the primary port-of-call for clients utilising the services of direct mail companies, and are the go-to person.

Account managers at a mailing company, for instance, typically have multiple accounts to work on, although may solely work with a high-value business should the client require their services. Hand in hand with direct mail management, however, comes expertise and the guarantee that you are doing all you can to get your brand in front of the right people.

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What does an account manager do?

We’re glad you asked. Basically, the account manager for those looking for direct mailing services is similar to an extension of your company. They can:

    • Manage customer orders


    • Deal with any issues, complaints and or problems


    • Recommend direct mailing services best practices to the client


    • Report on previous year’s activity and recommend the correct course of action for the next (essentially, what is going to drive revenue)


    • Keep up to date with any industry developments, advancements and competitor activity


    • Report back to the client regularly


  • Generate more business for the client by following up leads and converting prospects into consumers

Why do I need an account manager?

As mentioned above, marketing campaign management is essential for gaining the expertise in the industry, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. There are plenty of benefits to opting for direct mail management with a mailing house, and we’re going to share them all…

Better communication

Marketing campaign management is essential for improving communication. An account manager should be easy to contact by email and phone, with face-to-face meetings included in the deal also. Their job is to provide regular updates on the direct mail campaign and the progress of the mailing company: what stage the campaign is currently at and if they are working to schedule etc.

Faster response times

As mentioned above, direct mail management is, basically, an extension of your company. The account manager will be up-to-speed on all things to do with your business and campaign, enabling them to respond effectively to any queries or issues that may arise. With the direct mailing services of an account manager, the client would, most likely, need to call multiple people within the company’s team to get the right info.

Advise what works and what doesn’t

There are a lot of stages and considerations that go into a direct mail marketing campaign. Is the design bright and engaging? Does the copy reflect the brand and relate the message, without seeming too ‘salesy’? Is the call-to-action displayed in the best position? Should you laminate the campaign? Specialist experience in the industry can prove invaluable, and help achieve the desired objectives. In essence, marketing campaign management provides the objectivity of an experienced ‘outsider’, with insider knowledge in reaching your goals.

Focused on you

A mailing company account manager is dedicated to working with your brand to craft content that is consistent with all marketing channels. They will ensure they know all aspects of the company to offer the best solutions to appeal to your core demographic. They can also provide guidance on that all-important, clear and clickable call-to-action.

Talk tech (so you don’t have to)

Account managers know the terms of the industry and the different stages of the mailing house process. Therefore, you are not out of your depth when discussing the ultimate goal of your mailing campaign. They’ll take the hassle out of your hands, so you can focus on engaging with your customers.

If you do want to give it a go, there’s more info on the A-Z of direct mail terminology here.

Look at previous campaigns

If you have produced successful previous campaigns, tell your account manager. That way, they can cherry pick the greatest elements of the campaign, and replicate. If you already have a successful template, a few tweaks and expert guidance will only serve to appeal to more customers.

Measure results

A mailing house, such as WDM, can follow up on your campaign and ensure the results are working towards the outlined objectives. The account manager can reveal customer insights, keep you fully up-to-date on how the campaign is performing and make objective recommendations based on the results.

Stay ahead of the trends

As with every marketing channel, direct mailing services are constantly evolving. There are new direct mail fulfilment offerings, integrative capabilities, advancement and exciting customer engagement opportunities. The account manager’s knowledge of the industry will ensure that your campaign is ahead of the competition, at the forefront of your prospect’s mind. Done well, direct mail management can build on your existing customer base, help retain customers and even drive revenue.

Integrated marketing

Direct mail companies are seeing an increase in integrated marketing – the buzzword of the industry. Essentially, this refers to direct mailing services and email marketing working in harmony. A company can utilise a mailing house for brand awareness, delivering marketing mail that highlights the company, their offering and details a specific landing page for the prospect to visit. They can then track their journey through the website, asking them to sign up for the newsletter. From there, they can deliver hyper-personalised email marketing campaigns.

Industry rates

Of course, the cost is a large factor to the size of your marketing campaign. Due to their experience, account managers at a mailing company can, generally, obtain better rates than the clients themselves. These rates could apply to print, packaging, postage and any other stage along the fulfillment house process.

Ultimately, direct mailing campaigns run smoothly and more efficiently with the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated manager. For those interested in the direct mailing services, you can read more on our campaign management here.

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