Why Direct Mail is Essential for Political Campaign Marketing

As a UK mailing house, offering political mail services, we have first hand experience of mailing and marketing management.

With the recent boom direct mail is experiencing, and an estimated 118% lift in response rates when integrating direct mailing and email marketing – election marketing ideas are heavily reliant on this traditional form of marketing. Candidates for constituency seats must begin planning their mail campaign early to have the biggest possible impact.

Political Mail

Direct Mail is Crucial for Political Advertising

Every candidate standing in a General Election or for a By-Election is entitled to a service through Royal Mail, titled ‘Candidate Mail’. In simple terms, this allows you to send one communication via Royal Mail, with no charge for postage, to every eligible constituent on the electoral register. However, even though the postal cost is free, candidates still need to pay for the direct mail design, digital or litho printing and direct mail fulfilment, which is where mailing companies come in.

Direct mailing houses have the expertise, knowledge and the technology for political mailing. To do this in-house would cost time and money that is precious to campaign management. Mailing companies, such as WDM, also offer the services of data segmentation – perfect for those candidates that do not have the time to cleanse their data. We can profile your data, so there is less chance of you sending out unaddressed leaflets that will, most likely, be ignored.


As mentioned above, accurate data is essential to the success of your political mailing. For example, if you send out political postcards and address it simply to ‘the homeowner’, chances are you will be ignored. More than 84% of your prospects would be more likely to read mail if it was personalised, and you cannot ignore stats such as these – particularly if you are hoping to gain votes.

At WDM, we can segment your data to ensure you are targeting the correct consumers and the design and copy of your mailing meets their needs. Personalisation is the future, and is one of the most important practices when appealing to your audience.

You must also consider the GDPR marketing legislations when looking into election campaign ideas, as control has now returned to the consumer when it comes to personal data. We have outlined the laws you must comply with for GDPR marketing, and you can read more here.


As mentioned above, personalisation can mean the difference between success and failure. Taking the time to address your mail campaign directly to the prospect builds trust and transparency, the aim for all candidates when hoping to win an election. The stats prove that personalisation work, and it enables you to place your message into the hands of your voters. It’s estimated that personalised direct mail stays in the house for 17 days, providing you with ample opportunity to share your party message.

Design And Copy Political Mail

Direct Mail Design and Copy

Mailing houses have the knowledge, experience, and successful results, to provide guidance on the best layout for your political postcards, for example. Images speak a thousand words, and the human eye is trained to look at pictures first, so mailing companies can place them in a position that attracts the consumer within the first second. Similarly, you may not have the time or the skills to provide the copy for the direct mailing, which can be done by a mailing house as part of the direct mail design.

Stand Out

The traditional method of communicating with your audience is far from forgotten. Today, an estimated average of 269 billion emails will be sent around the world. There’s a significant chance your email campaign will get lost in the sea of emails or deleted altogether. However, direct mail allows you to stand out, as your message is in the voter’s house (you can’t get much closer). You could even go so far as to incorporate dimensional mailers to your candidate mail ideas – literally thinking out of the envelope. You could insert a promotional package as to why they should vote for you etc. – the possibilities are endless.

For more information about political mailing, we’ve produced an extensive PDF on Direct Mail for Election Campaigns.

At Washington Direct Mail, we have provided mail and print services for many election campaigns. We also ensure campaign management, with a dedicated staff member overlooking the entire operation – part of our campaign management services – making sure it is prepared and delivered on time. If you would like to speak to one of our teams regarding candidate mail or campaign management, fill in the contact form. We even offer door to door distribution services to aid your delivery. Alternatively, sign-up to join our newsletter below for even more information regarding effectively communicating with your voters.

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