What should my direct mail printing look like?

The design and copy for direct mail marketing are crucial, but that’s not where the work stops.

Once you have the idea for your marketing campaign in mind, you need to consider the services of a printing house. Most mailing companies will double up as a printing house, but you should always check beforehand. The right type of print can spell the difference between success and failure. The allure of high-quality printing still draws in the customers today, with a staggering 71% saying the type of direct mail printing affects their decision to open and respond to the campaign.

What are the most popular print finishing services?

When it comes to printing and direct mail fulfilment (more on that later), there’s a wealth of options for your company. Most local printing companies will offer the services, but it’s worth checking out beforehand. It’s also important to note that ‘luxury printing’ will benefit your business, and suggest your brand can be trusted.

Foil printing – or foil blocking, foil stamping, hot foil stamping and foil application – refers to the process of applying a metallic or pigmented foil to your direct mail marketing. A heated die is then used to stick the foil to the mailing piece, and make it a permanent and luxurious fixture. This type of business printing service is exceptionally useful for B2C marketing, appealing to the inner magpie in consumers. Foil printing is available in both matte and gloss, and can be applied to smooth or textured surfaces.

A significant benefit to foil printing is that your consumer will immediately associate your mail marketing as premium, thus your brand is seen as having an increased quality. The elegant finish will draw your reader’s eye immediately – the objective of all direct marketing campaigns. While your design and copy must pack an almighty punch, you cannot afford to forget about the print finishing. Foil printing is also extremely cost-effective, and can take your marketing strategy to the next level, without blowing the budget.

Matte printing offers a silky smooth finish for your campaign. Again, we would associate this type of business printing service with luxury, which will only help increase your responses. With the average household receiving 16 pieces of advertising mail, you need to stand out – and this printing service offers the opportunity. It’s usually cost-effective and boosts your profile due to the texture. We’ve touched on the importance of touch in the past, and the matte printing helps consumers recall your message. We’re substantially more likely to engage with brands where we can recall the message, and direct mail marketing provides that opportunity.

Gloss printing is most commonly used for marketing brochures and catalogues, due to the glossy feel. The printing reflects light, showing a beautiful sheen when reading the message. There are several different types of gloss printing: AQ coating, UV coating and gloss lamination, all allowing your campaign to stand out from the crowd. We would recommend gloss printing for brands looking to create a sales campaign, as the finish signifies luxury and premium products.

Embossed printing adds an extra dimension to your mailing, encouraging responses. As a print and mail services company, we’ve found embossing has a high retention rate – particularly for business cards. When considering business card printing, you need to invest to ensure potential customers remember your brand. Embossed business cards get noticed immediately, and are memorable for recipients. Your direct mail printing should set your business apart, which is where embossing comes into the fold. This type of printing can significantly improve your company image, suggesting that all details matter to your brand, no matter how small.

What is direct mail fulfilment in printing?

Direct mail fulfilment does not only refer to printing services, but the process after that step. You’ve got to consider the packing and delivery, and most printing houses will offer the services. A fulfilment house will take care of the procedures after your mail is printed – for example, storage – and only after all steps are completed can you say your direct mail marketing is fulfilled.

Most mailing companies offer print and mail services, as well as warehouse facilities. It’s important to always speak to your local printing companies before opting to work with them, as they may not have the capabilities to completely fulfil your order. Often, mailing campaigns are staggered – meaning your campaign will be delivered in parts to track responses – so storage is necessary. You’ll also find that most direct mail companies use similar fulfilment processes, ensuring your campaign is streamlined and budget-friendly. There are several factors to consider when choosing a litho or digital printing company:

  • Referrals – choose a company based on positive referrals, and speak to peers within your industry.
  • Visit the site – browse their website to see what importance they put into direct mail, and whether their website is regularly updated. Likewise, you should look at case studies and understand how the mailing house operates.
  • Security – if your campaign is delivered in stages, they must offer secure warehouse facilities for your mail.

At WDM, we are a fulfilment house offering a range of printing services. You can speak to our team regarding your campaign and the best possible option to get your message in the right place.

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