WDM Employee Profile: Multi Talented Experience

Posted: May 23, 2017

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WDM Profile: Lincoln Normanton

Job: Print Finishing, Washington Direct Mail (WDM)


When did you join WDM and what do you do?

“I’ve been in the Direct Mail and Printing industry for over thirty years, and I’m part of every aspect of print finishing, from die-cutters, folders and guillotines, to eurofold creasers, wiro binders and laminators.”


What do you like about working at WDM?

“Every day is different at WDM!  I never get tired of turning flat printed sheets into a finished piece of work.”  Lincoln laughs at this point… “I know it sounds geeky, but taking a blank sheet of paper and turning into exactly what the customer wants is really cool!  Well… it is to me in anycase.”


Why should a customer use WDM?

“Because we go above and beyond to get your work out on time and at the highest quality.  If I was a customer I wouldn’t have a moments worry if my job was with WDM.”



“Cars, motorbikes, and a drink with friends.”


Favourite Film

“Shawshank Redemption”


Guilty Pleasure

“Kylie Minogue… but not like that!” [laughter]


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