Variable Data Printing: How Will it Benefit your Company?

Direct mail is a brilliant marketing strategy to communicating with your prospects.

Effectively, you are placing your brand message, discounts or products in their very hands, engaging them with copy and design that appeals to their needs. The primary aim to direct mailing is to improve response rates and communication, thus increasing revenue.

Variable data mailing

Over the past several years, more companies are turning to direct mail. In fact, we’re currently in the midst of a revolution, with direct mail services becoming paramount to advertising strategies. Direct mail ads spend rose 5.9% during the third quarter of 2017. Separate reports also estimate that 87% of adults keep some direct mail formats for more than one month – helping you to shout louder than your rivals in the digital era. With those direct mail statistics in mind, it’s worth looking into the form of marketing – particularly variable data printing – as a matter of urgency for your advertising strategy.

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data allows you to segment your customer base and place them into categories, such as age range, sex etc. Variable data mailing, often known as variable data printing, enables you to personalise your direct mailing, rather than sending out 10,000 direct mail postcards, for example, and hoping for a 1% response rate. With variable data printing, elements such as content, design, graphics or even exclusive offers can be changed from one printed piece to the next. Most importantly, variable data printing companies – including WDM – can offer these print and mail services without stopping or slowing down the process, enabling you to reach delivery targets. Variable data printing means you can offer personalised direct mail, with the potential to vastly improve your response rate. As one example, mobile phone providers could send direct mailing to customers with contracts about to expire.

Benefits of Variable Data Printing

There are endless benefits to choosing this form of direct mail.

Personalised Direct Mail

Variable data printing services are in high-demand for many companies, as the primary advantage is a hyper-targeted call-to-action. You are delivering a message or product to a customer who is, potentially, the best fit for your business. Personalised direct mail already experiences fantastic response rates compared to direct mailing that does not explicitly target the prospect, with variable data mailing allowing you to further target those consumers.

Improve Responses

Marketers can generate a stronger response rate with variable print and mail services due to the hyper-personalise nature of the strategy. Often, companies believe sending out bulk mailing to their existing customer base is enough to get them spending. However, if you’re distributing irrelevant content, you are likely to get ignored. By personalising the message absolutely to their needs and buying habits, there is an increased chance of engagement. After all, over 84% of your customers would be more inclined to open your mail campaign if it was personalised.

Build Trust

Delivering more personalised messages, directly relating to the prospect’s buying habits helps strengthen your relationship. Consumers expect brands to take the time to provide messages that correspond exactly with their life. If not, why should they purchase your products?

Reduce Costs

While you do need the print and mail services of variable data printing companies, who can provide expert advice to your campaign, you could reduce costs. Rather than distributing tens of thousands of direct mail on the off-chance of improving responses, you are directly targeting those who need your business or prospects. In turn, this could significantly reduce costs.

It’s important to note that variable data printing programs can be complex, so you should work closely with your mailing house to ensure your customer’s database works with the mailing companies.

At WDM, we specialise in variable data printing and can help significantly improve your marketing campaigns. Get in touch today to discuss our mailing house print and mail services.


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