Types of Direct Mail Marketing - The Best Direct Mail Formats Part 1

Direct mail marketing continues to prove to be a versatile marketing campaign method. Even with the rise of digital technology, direct mail marketing serves a huge purpose.

Direct mail marketing emotionally connects with your target audience, increases response rates for your brand and enhances many online campaigns.

Examples of Direct Mail Formats

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If you tailor your types of direct mail marketing specifically for your audience, personalising the mail campaign, you can guarantee high response rates. We’ve rounded up some successful examples of the various types of direct mail formats.


Postcards are clear, concise and simple – ideal for brief messages to your target consumer. Typically used for reminders and special offer direct mail marketing campaigns, postcards are one of the more effective marketing tools you can use for a variety of products and services. Should you want to alert an existing customer, aware of your brand, to a new product – postcards are the most cost-effective process.
You’re not limited by the size, as postcards – although, most commonly, small – are available in range of sizes, with the oversized examples creating a visual impact. They also benefit from the fact that they don’t need opening – ensuring your message will be seen, even for a short period of time.


Self-mailers, or leaflets and brochures, are typically used to attract all customers. The direct mail marketing format is self-contained, closed with an adhesive tab, and uses no outer envelope. However, they are hugely popular in enticing prospective customers, as they can include more details of the company and visuals – compared to postcards.


In the age of modern technology, traditional direct mail marketing campaigns are not left in the past. If you require confidentiality (for a form etc.), the traditional letter is often the best option. Lead letters can be highly personalised (the answer to all good direct mail marketing campaigns) for professional clients. They can also be a part of a larger direct mail marketing campaign, featuring brochures or catalogues.

Dimensional Mailers

A dimensional mailer is regarded as an upgraded version of brochures and leaflets. They can provide an in-depth, and often exclusive, overview of your brand, with an impressive response rate. Dimensional mailers are also excellent in attracting the higher-end business contacts.


Catalogues are hugely popular and, subsequently, boast a high audience engagement rate. Regularly used by companies with numerous products available, catalogues are a spectacular direct mail format idea for those who are not aware of the brand, or their services. Similarly, a catalogue is also a welcome addition for previous users of the business, keeping them up to date with their latest offerings.

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