Get Your Message Across: The Best Direct Mail Marketing Formats

Despite the rise of digitalisation, it is fair to say that direct mail is still a versatile and impactful way to successfully carry out your marketing campaign.

Direct mail marketing can allow you to connect with your targeted audience and increase their response rate. This can significantly boost your online campaigns too, but how can you achieve this?

Different types of direct mail

Identifying your target audience is crucial for tailoring the perfect direct mail campaign. By personalising it with your potential customer in mind, you are more likely to receive the marketing response that you desire. This said, we can take a look at some of the most successful types of direct mail formats.

Traditional and confidential: letters

Technology is expanding exponentially, leading some to think that letters have no future in marketing campaigns. However, this is not strictly true.

Indeed, the traditional letter usually represents the best solution if the content you are sharing is confidential. By sending out private forms to professional clients, you can ensure that the information is kept safe inside the envelope.

Not only that, but letters can also be personalised, so your direct mail marketing campaigns can be tailored with ease.

Handy and enticing: self-mailers

In line with brochures and leaflets, self-mailers make no distinction and try to attract as many customers as possible. As opposed to letters, these direct mail formats are self-contained and use no outer envelope.

Moreover, self-mailers are able to effectively grab people’s attention. In fact, while rich in visuals and easy to consult, they can also contain lots of information about a company and its services.

Informative and impactful: dimensional mailers

Similar in many ways to self-mailers, dimensional mailers are an in-depth version of the standard leaflet or brochure. These are great at sparking the interest of higher-end companies due to their stand-out appearance. Dimensional mailers can offer exclusive overviews of your business and obtain a significant response rate.

Popular and attractive: catalogues

Everyone enjoys leafing through a good catalogue. Hence, it is no surprise that these types of direct mail receive high engagement rates.

Catalogues allow brands to effectively publicise a wide range of services or products to a fresh audience. Not only that, but they are also an excellent way to keep current customers informed about the company’s latest offerings. A touch of class will always be appreciated by clients.

Clear and cost-effective: postcards

If you are looking to get information across both quickly and concisely, marketing postcards are one of the best tools you can opt for. Benefitting from the fact they do not need to be opened, it is almost guaranteed that your message will be seen and – hopefully – remembered.

Postcards are an affordable way to promote your business and make existing clients aware of new products or services. While often small in size, postcards are available in many different shapes and forms. The bigger ones may even create a visually striking impact.

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