The Evolution of Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Age and How to Leverage It

As with any form of marketing, recent years have changed the way it operates. Since the printing press was created in 1480, mass printing has made connecting with your customers much easier. From leaflets to personalised postcards, there’s plenty of ways that your business can land in your customer’s letterbox. But how has this evolved in recent years and how do you utilise these changes to strengthen your marketing strategies?

The Effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Age image

Direct mail in the digital age

Direct mail marketing services have changed in recent years, with the focus on AI, automation, and technological developments coming into play across all sectors. Since the beginning of direct mail marketing strategies, items such as catalogues and newsletters have been used to connect businesses with their current and prospective customers.

However, with advancements in technology, new software solutions, and streamlined processes, your prints can now be produced quicker and with more personalisation than before. Some key changes in direct mail marketing to suit it for the modern day include:

Integrating marketing campaigns

As technology develops, new methods of marketing have come to light. While before, most companies would’ve relied on signage and direct mail to connect with customers, but the boost in mobile phone and social media usage has seen more digital marketing strategies making their way into business approaches.

Direct mail marketing has started to adapt to match this increase in digital marketing strategies, offering businesses the advantage of cross-platform communication and promotions. Designs have changed to start incorporating linking assets that allow your customers to easily transition from your direct mail to your website, socials, and specific promotions.

Items such as QR codes, personalised URLs, and specific promo codes are now being used in many businesses’ direct mail to help track interactions. This allows you to integrate your direct mail marketing strategy into your digital marketing approach, allowing your customers to connect with your business in whatever way suits them best.

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Personalisation with data-driven insights

Another technology that takes direct mail marketing services to another level is data analytical tools. As these tools start to develop, more businesses are using them in conjunction with their mailing services to better understand and communicate with their customers.

Using your business’s data, you can better personalise your marketing to truly connect with your customers. Not only can you use demographic data to target your messaging and imagery to your preferred customer base, but you can also use the information you gather from your integrated digital marketing strategy to understand which customers are engaging the most with your content, allowing you to tailor your approach where needed.

These measurement analytics and the way you use your data are having a profound effect on businesses in all sectors. Utilising your data can help you form better decision making when it comes to your marketing approach and even assist in maximising your marketing budget.

Sustainable marketing

As more businesses better their social and environmental responsibilities, finding sustainable marketing methods is a must. While traditionally direct mail marketing might’ve been deemed unsustainable, it has adjusted with the times to better provide more environmentally friendly approaches to this traditional marketing form.

Excess plastics and wastepaper in landfills and the ocean are significantly damaging to the environment. Companies are now looking forward to greener approaches, and direct mailing services is one marketing strategy adjusting to this new approach. From recyclable materials to cleaner data, plenty can be done to improve the sustainability of direct mail marketing.


Direct mail marketing and mailing services have now become more automated than in the past. By streamlining processes in this way, including your mailing and fulfilment services, you’re better able to cut costs, time, and resources needed to complete your direct mail order. A trusted provider can ensure that your print, address, and mailing, are all aligned. This automated approach can also help ensure that your prints are delivered on time, reducing time waste across the process.

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