The 16 ultimate tips to getting your customers buying

Lead generation is the process of identifying and obtaining potential customers for a particular business product or service. When it comes to expanding your customer base and keeping them on side, there are a number of tricks and tips you can employ.

However, if you solely rely on the more traditional methods – cold calling etc. – you risk losing your prospects before turning them into customers. Let’s face it, no one wants to talk to cold callers.

Lead generation is a utopia of possibilities and ideas. However, coming up with new ideas is easier said than done. Here, we’ve provided some detailed examples – not only to help you achieve your lead generation goals, but also to add value to the life of your audience.

Use a mailing house

Direct mail marketing is an essential tool for communicating with your audience. We may spend the majority of our time behind a screen, but the novelty of receiving personalised mail through our doors has certainly not worn thin. With the highest response rates recorded for direct mail in the past year, a mailing house may just be the path to follow for your campaign. A mailing house can provide the knowledge and expertise for directly talking to your customers. Advice for standing out from the crowd is priceless in this day and age, and you can certainly do that with this communication method. To put it in perspective, each person receives an average 121 emails a day, but only around 20 pieces of mailing each week…

Similarly, a mailing house boasts machinery and technology to produce your campaign to a high standard. Most direct mail companies can also store and even distribute your advertising, as well as providing bulk mailing discounts for large volumes. For more information on why you should use a mailing house, you can read our guide here.

Optimise your copy

Use powerful, persuasive language to gently nudge your customers down the sales funnel. Rather than demanding language, such as ‘submit’ and ‘download’, ask them to ‘join the bandwagon’ etc. and reassure them others have done so. Similarly, punchy headlines and short sentences are lead generation ideas. They are easier to read and, subsequently, digest and make a move. We’ve put together a whole guide on making your marketing copy virtually foolproof.

Don’t use the word spam

Negative influences are a huge no-no for your direct mail, and your lead generation strategies. While you may be reassuring the consumer you will not ‘spam’ them with emails etc.; the word may cause your prospect to pause at the very moment they should be converting. In fact, use of the word ‘spam’ in such proximity of your call-to-action has been known to decrease customer conversions. The word plants a negative inference in the mind of your customer, reducing trust signals. Avoid at all costs.

Give fewer options

Few choices mean less confusion. Therefore, fewer calls-to-action means less chance of option paralysis. The maximum number of choices is around five or six before the brain goes into overload. Likewise, offering too many discounts and vouchers can have the opposite effect on the response rates from your marketing campaign ideas, leaving your prospect with no clear direction of where to turn.

Add social channels

In 2019, there are expected to be over 2.7 billion social network users. While you certainly cannot appeal to all, you can alert your prospects to your social media presence. For instance, 95% of adults aged between 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social media. Likewise, 71% of consumers who have great social media experiences with brands, are likely to recommend the company to others. By adding social icons to your marketing mail and providing your consumers with more chance to connect and engage with your business, you are building the foundation blocks for your relationship and, subsequently, trust.

Optimise your landing page

Your landing page works in conjunction with your direct mail marketing. Essentially, an effective landing page that is simple, clean and offers a clear call-to-action (matching that of your mail). There is one goal as to why that visitor is on the page, and you must be clear and consistent with it. Review the page and eliminate the lower priority CTAs. Similarly, ensure the landing page is an accurate representation of your mailing and brand.

Full screen call-to-action

To really grab your consumers attention, make the CTA full screen. Display the voucher, coupon or services and describe why they must complete the journey. However, be careful when redirecting users to new pages using welcome gates etc., as you could negatively affect your SEO.

Split test

Split test your lead generation ideas to establish what works best for your brand. There is always room for improvement, and a split test could mean a substantial increase in revenue. Test everything: the copy, colour, social media icon shape, and call-to-action to produce the best possible campaign for your audience.

Use product videos

Approximately 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, so use this knowledge to your advantage when producing marketing campaign ideas. If you are promoting a particular product, show it in use. Place a promo video front and centre on your landing page to reinforce the need for this product. Videos also allow you to leverage third-party platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, poised to expand the reach of your marketing. However, ensure you keep the video short and informative.


When you do get your visitors to your site, you need to showcase your active presence. Create a wide variety of content around your industry – effectively making your blog a resource – and earn the trust of your buyers in becoming an authoritative voice. The advantage of blogging consistently also means you can turn a one-time visitor into repeated users, and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Safe language

Safe language helps to build trust between brand and consumer. If your product is free, tell them. If you are an award-winning company, show them. Anything you can do to reassure your prospect they are making the right choice will only serve to enhance your lead generation strategies.

Display testimonials and reviews

Social proof is key to getting prospects buying. If you are producing B2B lead generation ideas, we cannot stress the importance of testimonials. When attempting to gain new business, showcase the names that have worked with you in the past, alongside their success stories. Doing so may just push them down the sales funnel.

Encourage urgency

Whether B2B lead generation ideas or simply increasing brand awareness, urgency increases the success rate of your advertising. If you are offering a specific product or discount, describe it as a ‘limited offer’. Don’t provide your prospect with the opportunity to hesitate, but make them act now.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are common advertising ideas, especially when expanding customer reach. If you can partner up with another industry-leader, you can double the number of prospects and increase the trust. Similarly, partnering with a larger company can substantially boost lead generation, as there are already customers in use.


Using influencers is a more recent addition to the list of lead generation strategies, but is one method to increase awareness significantly. Over 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendations of peers, and having thought-leaders as a customer can drive hundreds of sign-ups.


Use your Google Adwords search terms in your mailing. This is one of our key advertising ideas as it places your brand front and centre when the customer uses the specific search terms.

At WDM, we offer a range of direct mail services to ensure you reach the largest possible audience. Get in touch with our team today and we can share the tips to delivering the greatest marketing campaign.

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