Ten Reasons to add direct mail to your campaigns

Direct mail, and especially personalised direct mail, can make an enormous difference to your campaign response rates.

By included direct mail in your marketing strategy, it enables you to put your brand into the hands of your audience and appeal directly to their senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

No other channel-to-market can do this without a person being involved.

1) Offers a Competitive Edge:

Direct Mail allows you to put your message – whatever that is – in a tried and tested format that is completely familiar and unique to that person seeing it.  And because direct mail is a one-to-one interaction, your competitors will not even know about your campaign or promotion until it has been executed.

2) Helps increase online traffic:

Direct Mail, when combined with a Digital call-to-action, is effective in driving your target audience to your onsite promotions or events.

3) Shows your clients you value them:

Direct Mail shows you care.  It shows you are willing to invest in your customers, and your customers feel more valued because direct mail creates a tactile relationship between your brands and them.

4) Generates Sales Leads:

Sending personalised direct mail is a fantastic way convert unaware prospects into aware prospects, and aware prospects into paying customers because it increases interest in your brand and enables an emotional engagement with them in a way an email never can.

5) Increases Brand Awareness:

Direct Mail is a very trusted channel, and that means it’s a great way to build and showcase your brand. The more customers know about you and your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

6) Maintains & increases Customer Loyalty:

Direct Mail helps you reach out to your existing customers with new announcements and exclusive offers and with a tangibility that email cannot match.  That means you can set expectations and introduce rewards that will help induce your customer to stay with you

7) Has style:

Direct Mail, when done well, just looks so stylish!  It’s the ideal way to deliver information quickly and efficiently that has a massive impact.

8) Helps you Up-sell or Cross-sell:

Direct Mail can draw your customer’s attention to additional products and services in your range, drawing your client’s attention to new areas of your business.

9) Combines mailings with your Brand / Product partners:

Direct Mail offers you the opportunity to combine your mailing with a collaborative partner as a cost-effective option that can add value to both your promotional campaigns.

10) Boosts your other Media Channels:

Direct Mail helps create a ‘halo effect’ which drives increased engagement with all other channels – email, web, social media, mobile, QR codes, video, online brochures and so on… In other words, the sum of the whole will be greater than each of the parts individually.

Lastly… Because there are fewer distractions through a customer or prospects real-life mail box these days, direct mail is more effective today than ever before.

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