Strategic planning for your 2018 Direct Marketing Campaigns

The beginning months of the year are ideal to look back over the previous year’s direct mailing activities to measure success.

Tracking whether your seasonal advertising campaigns achieved their goals and reflected your direct marketing strategy is essential to analysing where you can replicate, and what went wrong. You can carry forward and learnings with your business forecasting and put in place a marketing strategy.

When planning your direct mailing campaigns, the advertising plan must work towards any business objectives and key messages. These may have changed from the previous period, so you should communicate with all departments to ensure brilliant seasonal marketing throughout 2018.

Creating Direct Mail for 2018 Identify

Review Previous Direct Mail Strategy

Outline what worked, detail when it worked (time of year) and why. Also, measure what didn’t work and make suggestions as to how to improve; such as timings, messaging, creative targeting. By doing so, you can determine your direct mailing plan going forward, drawing on experience and learning. Include facts and figures when predicting business forecasting and looking over previous seasonal advertising campaigns.

Celebrate Achievements

Before the year gets going in full force, you should always remember last year’s achievements. Doing so enables you to measure how you were successful and where you can replicate the direct marketing strategy for this year. Similarly, you should also consider an event to reward the team and motivate them for the seasonal campaigns ahead. You are only as good as the team behind you.

Set Realistic Goals and Targets

Your business goals could be sales, growth or development oriented, depending on your company’s overall objectives for the year. Ensure all goals and targets are realistic and achievable from the outset – don’t set up for failure. Involve all team members when deciding on goals and targets, so they are engaged and on board with the direct marketing strategy from the outset.

Lay Out Strategies

Direct Mail Planning

Once goals and targets are agreed, create a direct mail campaign with clear strategies on how you will meet your goals and targets. Again, it is crucial to get your team on board and to gain their input, as they will boast detailed knowledge of specific department objectives.

Direct Mail Trends

Direct mail trends change throughout the years, and 2018 is no different. The likes of dimensional mailers, multi-channel integration and programmatic mail are experiencing a boom this year. For you to appeal to your customers in the three seconds you have their attention before they look elsewhere, you must stand out. Marketing trends are there to provide a base for your campaign, enabling you to outrank your competitors and expand your reach.
For more information, you can read our direct mail marketing trends guide for 2018.

Speak to your Mailing House

We recommend utilising a mailing house for your direct marketing strategy. Direct mail companies, such as WDM, boast a wealth of experience within the industry and can provide guidance on the direct mail design and content, as well as print and distribution. Not only do we offer direct mail design, but print and mail services you would not get in-house. Direct mail companies have the technology and machines that may cost time and money, as well as staff hours, from your budget. Your mailing company can draw on experience to offer guidance, recommendations and support you with your planning. Arrange a meeting to review your previous direct mailing and make plans for 2018.

Thank Your Customers

Good etiquette for your direct marketing strategy is to start the year by thanking your customers for their continued support. If budget allows, send them a specific thank you message with some key messages for the year. Alternatively, include the thank you in your first mailing of the year. Remember to make the message as personable as possible. You could also incorporate multi-channel integration into your direct mailing, by providing these prospects with a specific landing page – offering them exclusive discounts for their support. From that, you can measure those who visited the site and how many interact with your brand.

If you would like further advice on your seasonal advertising campaigns, speak to us at WDM today for additional guidance on direct mail services and you plan for 2018. You can get in touch via the contact form.

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