Secure and Safe Transactional Direct Mail

Transactional mail is one of our mainstay services. We provide the daily production of business-critical secure mail, including statements, insurance documents, renewals and billing.

Transactional mail or transactional direct mail is direct mail that is sent out by either a business or mailing houses.

It can be sent out on behalf of your customers, by your internal systems or a UK mailing company, and put simply, it completes a transaction with a paper trail.

It’s a loose term that covers a wide range of direct mail actions. However, the essential point is that it’s an automatically generated communication addressed to an individual and conveys personal information about their interactions with the company.

At Washington Direct Mail Limited (WDM), we regularly provide direct mail services, including transactional.

Common uses of Transactional Direct Mail

1) Order Receipts

2) Customer Thank You

3) Invoices

4) Account Statements

5) Debt or Loan Collection Letters

6) Renewal Letters and Cycles

7) Account Changes

8) Changes to Terms and Conditions and Customer/Business Agreements

9) Account and Membership Preferences

10) Welcome Packs for New Sign Ups or Customers

11) Application Forms and Letters of Authority

12) Confirmation of Details

13) Access or Pin Numbers

14) Physical Items

15) Duty of Care


For more information on how and why companies use transactional direct mail, you might like to read our in-depth blog on the subject “15 Business Uses of Transactional Direct Mail”

We Offer Security

Washington Direct Mail Limited (WDM) are certified to ISO9001 quality standards for mail matched, secure production, driven by a file-based audit and oversight system that uses 2d barcode technology to read in and read out each direct mail item.  This allows full and complete direct mail reporting.

We run transactional mail projects to a detailed ISO27001 data security standard and certification is pending.

Production and Automation

Wherever possible, Washington Direct Mail Limited (WDM) automate the sorting of data, printing, folding and enclosing to improve processes and increase turnaround. PAF validation of data, the actual data processing and the segmentation of data files into efficient production actions uses pre-agreed and audited rules. All machinery used for the production of Transactional Mail regularly maintained to be as fast and efficient as possible, and it’s able to provide a full audit trail.

We can maintain high volume continuous printed across both digital and laser machinery, with envelope fulfilment capabilities that use intelligent enclosing technology.

Transaction Mail Account Management

We provide a dedicated team of account managers who are experts in working with customers to manage the regular Transactional Mail processes. Their experience and expertise will help deliver your projects on time, on budget, with accuracy and with complete transparency.

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