At WDM, we provide direct mail printing and print finishing techniques to boost response rates

What Does Printing Finishing Mean?

Print finishing refers to the value-adding process your direct mail campaign goes through after the ink has touched the paper. As a direct mail fulfilment mailing house (there’s a mouthful), we ensure your direct mail campaign is printed perfectly, but also the printing finishing techniques further strengthen your company message.

At WDM, we pride ourselves on our print and mail services. We’ll take you through the process of creating your marketing campaign – including direct mail design and personalised direct mail – before establishing the printing process for your direct mailing. We offer litho printing and digital printing, and all of these techniques are before we even get on to the subject of print finishing.

We offer a huge range of print finishing services as part of our direct mail fulfilment promise, including bindery processes and decorative techniques.

Bindery Print Finishing Services

As a UK mailing house, we provide bindery print finishing applications for all direct mailing. This can include:

  • Cutting and trimming: Paper may need to be cut or trimmed more than once during the job for a number of reasons. It may be that paper stock is too big, or sheets need to be trimmed for the folding machines etc. We will ensure your direct mail campaign looks great and does the job.
  • Folding: We offer a vast range of direct mail folding services – half-folding, tri-folding, roll-folding, gate-folding, double-gate folding and z-folding.
  • Collating and gathering: These print finishing processes refer to placing your direct mail campaign (folded sheets) in the correct sequence.
  • Binding: We will bind your campaign in the most suitable method. There are several binding methods and our team are experts in all.
  • Die-cutting: We offer die-cutting in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and optional unique die creation.
  • Gluing: Our direct mail services feature spot gluing, pattern gluing, fugitive, remoistenable, peel and seal and latex gluing.

Decorative Print Finishing Techniques

One of the primary methods to boost open rates for your direct mail campaign is to use high-quality material that looks attractive. As a UK mailing company, we know what to do and these are the services we offer:


  • Embossing: This is referred to as adding a relief image to your direct mailing, and creates a unique effect that helps encourage responses.
  • Foil stamping: Foils are dramatic and a real eye-catcher when received with other forms of ‘standard’ direct mail.
  • Coating: Coating, such as varnishes and primers, portray high-class and premium brands, which users look out for when responding to direct mail.
  • Laminating: Laminated direct mailing keeps your message professional, clean and smart when posted to your consumers. You can choose from gloss, matte and soft touch laminating.
  • UV Spot Varnishing: Go ‘big’ with your direct mail and add another dimension to your direct mail printing. We can apply the UV spot varnishing to your logo or text to really make it stand out.
  • Edge staining: This is a process that marks different sections with a colour, best used for direct mail catalogues.
  • Featured blog: discover our full list of print finishes and techniques

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