Personalised & Targeted Direct Mail

Personalised direct mail is the superpower of direct mail marketing. You can treat every one of your consumers uniquely.

Personalise your Direct Mail 


Over 84% of consumers are more likely to open a piece of direct mail if it’s personalised to them (source: Add that to the statistic that direct mail is kept in the house for an average of 17 days, and it’s clear to see the potential direct mail can have on improving your return on investment.

Through a process called variable printing, we can tailor the mail you send out to each individual customer – a tactic that’s been proven to increase response rates and Improve ROI.

Our team can offer a complete print and mail service for your next campaign, from design and print to national distribution. Get a free quote today by using the form below or by calling one of our campaign managers.

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Personalised Digital Printing Process

As a leading UK mailing house, we have the capabilities to fulfil your personalised marketing campaigns. Using our state of the art, Xerox Versant variable digital printing presses, we can provide an outstanding level of detail and smoothness throughout your campaigns. They feature an automated colour management control, so your direct mail will stay consistent across the entire print run.

  • Personalise from page to page – customise elements such as the text, images and customer offers
  • High-speed digital monochrome and full-colour mail personalisation
  • Suitable for printed marketing campaigns such as postcards, flyers and brochures
  • Two-way and three-way personalised Match Mailing
  • No additional set-up costs
  • Full-colour personalised direct mail carrier sheets and envelope creation using our in-house design services
  • Use of your logo as a branded postage impression
  • High-quality digital label printing for bulky/heavy items
  • Fast and efficient turnaround as standard
  • Two-hour urgent printing option available

Data-driven personalisation

By using your own customers’ demographic and behavioural data, we can deliver bespoke marketing literature that creates an impact on a personal level. In cases where you don’t have this information, our data partners can provide a huge range of information which can be used in targeted mailshots. All of which help to:

Build trust

For your direct mailing to succeed, you need to build that all-important trust. Potential and existing customers are more likely to read mail that is addressed to them personally – increasing brand awareness for your business.

Increase responses

Personalised mail speaks directly to the receiver which helps it stand out from the generic ‘to the occupier’ type of mail which clogs up our letterboxes.

Increase revenue

There are many factors to consider when it comes to direct marketing services. Through our years of experience, we know that direct mail is proven to boost open rates; encouraging additional sales from your target audience.

For more great ideas on how you can personalise the direct mail you send and tips on how to make an impact and cut through the clutter, read our news. Alternatively, get in touch with us below:

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