Personalised Direct Mail

Personalised direct mail is the superpower of direct mail marketing. You can treat every one of your consumers uniquely.

Completely Personalised Direct Mail for your Customers

Personalised direct mail is one of the best practices of marketing. Today, in the data age, consumers expect you to know their buying habits and needs. The data is readily available online, so you are wasting precious time and effort if you don’t utilise the power of personalised marketing.

Over 84% of consumers stated they are more likely to purchase from a brand offering personalised mail, rather than those who do not. Add that statistic to the estimation of direct mail being kept in the house for 17 days, and you’re missing out on huge potential. With your particular consumer in mind, you can tailor your products or services to them, improving your response rates and increasing ROI, all with a little help from personalised mail.

At WDM, we offer print and mail services and can help your company produce exceptional personalised direct mail. As part of our direct mail fulfilment promise, our personalised direct mailing services will knock general response rates straight out of the park. Here’s what one of our customers thinks…

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State of the Art Digital Printing Processes

As a UK mailing house, we have the capabilities to produce your personalised marketing campaigns and more. Personalised direct mail is created using our state of the art Xerox Versant 2100 high-end variable digital printing presses. Using a native 1200 x 1200 dpi renderer, they image at 2400 x 2400 dpi and use new low-gloss dry ink. In simple terms, our digital printing machines provide an outstanding level of detail and smoothness throughout the colour scale of the direct mail marketing campaign. They also feature automated colour management and control, so the colour on your direct mailing will stay consistent across the entire print run.

As one of the busiest printing companies in the North East, our personalised mail options include:

  • Personalise from page to page – customise everything from text and images to barcodes
  • High-speed digital monochrome and full-colour mail personalisation in bespoke sizes
  • Inkjet direct mail personalisation for marketing campaign mail pieces, postcards, leaflets, envelopes, catalogues, brochures and polythene
  • Two-way and three-way personalised Match Mailing
  • Fast and efficient turnaround as standard
  • No additional set-up costs or slow-down of the printing process
  • Optional short notice digital printing within twenty-four hours
  • Optional urgent last-minute digital printing within two hours
  • Optional while-you-wait print service available
  • High-quality digital label printing for bulky/heavy items
  • QR code creation and digital printing
  • Full-colour personalised direct mail carrier sheets and envelope creation using our in-house design services
  • Use of your logo as a branded Postage Impression

Advantages of Personalised Direct Mail

When done right, personalised direct mail plays a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Build Trust

To grow your customer base and keep your existing consumers, you need to have trust between your company and their audience. For your direct mailing to succeed, you need to build that all-important trust. You are more likely to gain consumer loyalty if you address them directly and tailor your message to their previous purchases, for example.

Improve Responses

Chances are, you’ve ignored direct mail that has been addressed to the ‘homeowner’ or ‘occupier’. Therefore, you should expect your consumer todo the same. Personalised mail increases the engagement as you are speaking to your audience, and also standing out from a sea of emails. It’s no surprise that email response rates are dropping in the age where the average office worker receives more than 120 a day.

Increase Revenue

Personalised mail is produced with one large target: maximising revenue. Our print and mail services span vast options, but we always recommend personalised direct mail marketing as one of the key factors in boosting open rates and getting people buying your products. The rest just falls into place.

You can even read up on our 10 creative examples of personalised direct mail for ideas for your direct marketing strategy.

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