Direct Marketing Campaign Management

As a UK wide mailing house, we have more than 30 years experience in producing successful direct mail marketing campaigns. We offer a range of mail services - including personalised direct mail, printing, print finishing and distribution. We also provide direct mail management as part of our direct fulfilment promise and will ensure your direct mailing is as successful and targeted as can be.

What are our Marketing Campaign Management Services?

At WDM, we have a dedicated team providing expert advice and direct mail management for your campaign. We offer:

  • Marketing advice
  • Data cleansing and segmentation
  • Design expertise
  • Multi-channel campaign integration
  • Quality, cost control and overhead management
  • Response handling and measurement
  • Ongoing account management and idea generation

As part of our promise to deliver hyper-personalised direct mail, we offer data management. Accurate data is essential to the success of your direct mailing. As a mailing company, we understand the importance of targeting the correct people to ensure good response rates. Without this data segmented correctly, you are wasting your message on those not interested in your products or brand. Our in-house data management software will keep your direct mail personalised and within budget.

Advantages of our Marketing Campaign Management Services?

There are plenty of advantages to utilising the marketing campaign management services of a mailing house.

Industry Knowledge

As a mailing house, we know what works and what doesn’t. There is a world of ideas available for direct mail campaigns, but we understand the process of producing direct mail that will appeal to your prospects. We can advise on the design of your direct mailing, the personalisation, form of printing to use, the print finishing and, finally, distribution.

In-House Technology

There’s a lot that goes into producing a direct mail campaign, and our in-house technologies are capable of handling bulk mailings. You may not have the budget to hire or buy the necessary machines, or even the time to train staff to use them. However, as a mailing company, we have the technology to ensure your direct mail reaches your audience quickly and efficiently.

Fast Turnaround

Our dedicated team have produced more than 4 million direct mail campaigns in the last year, and work to an efficient process. We understand if you’re working with limited time and will endeavour to turnaround your mailing as quick as you need.

Programmatic Mail

Programmatic mail is the future of direct mail and is a combination of both direct mailing and digital advertising. We can provide advice on how best to appeal to your prospects and how to integrate your direct mail with your digital advertising. By doing so, you will expand your reach and spread your message far and wide.

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