At WDM, one of our specialisations is litho printing - a traditional and ever-popular printing process method for direct mail campaigns.

What is Litho Printing?

Litho printing is a form of direct mail printing that caters for businesses with higher volumes. It’s easy to provide a print quote for lithographic printing, and we can manage your direct mail campaign with our in-house printing presses.

Offset litho printing (litho) is a more traditional form than digital printing processes. Lithographic printing uses wet ink and printing plates to print an image on a surface. Offset lithography machines use rubber rollers to transfer the ink from the metal plates to the paper. Litho and digital printing vary enormously in their process, but litho printing has seen major development in machines for capacity, quality and the speed in which the direct mailing is produced.

Company Benefits of Litho Printing

Offset litho printing has been the direct mail printing service of choice for many companies, and is still common in the market today – even with the rise of digital printing. There are plenty of advantages to the method and, as a UK mailing house, we’re sharing the company benefits:


Litho printing affords a high level of colour accuracy – ideal for high-quality direct mailing. Opt for litho if you are hoping to use metallic inks, such as gold and silver, as offset litho provides a brilliant finish for colours in print.


As one of the primary printing processes, litho printing has traditionally provided the best direct mailing. All you need is a high-quality image, and the machine will do the rest for you. Your company can rest assured that litho printing is reliable and suited to huge direct mail services, and allows for high-quality campaigns.

Paper Type

Offset lithography is significantly flexible when it comes to stock type and weight. Litho can run almost any paper or card, typically between 60gsm and 500gsm. The machine generates minimal heat, allowing for this flexibility. Due to this, the printing process is vastly beneficial for B2B and bulk mailings.

Higher Volumes

Lithographic printing is much better suited to companies looking to produce mailing in bulk. Litho printing has an upfront, one set-up cost that works out cheaper if you happen to be mailing thousands of direct mail. Litho also has a minimum print quantity to make it viable, but you don’t have to pay a cost for every item.

Examples of Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is the most common, cost-effective and practical print process for quantity and runs of large-scale direct mailing:

  • Postcards
  • Large letters
  • Self-mailing
  • Dimensional mailers
  • Catalogues

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