Door to Door Distribution

Door to door leaflet distribution marketing is in growth. In 2016, the leaflet distribution service market grew by 7.39%, continuing the decade-long rise it has been experiencing.


Door-to-Door Distribution: Targeted National Leaflet Delivery

The growth in door to door distribution shows an increased awareness of the need for ‘cut-through’ – the ability for a direct marketing piece to have impact amidst all the competing advertising. Along with the recognition that leaflet distribution and addressed direct mail can achieve that.

From retail to charity and local government to small local businesses, almost every industry can benefit from door to door leaflet distribution. The door to door distribution service improves brand awareness, engagement and ultimately return on investment.

Leaflet Distribution Figures

According to a recent report from the DMA.

  • 92% of all door drops delivered to a home are read
  • Door drops remain in the home for an average of 38 days
  • Door drops are read by 1.16 people at least 2.5 times on average

Here at Washington Direct Mail Limited (WDM), we are experts in leaflet distribution. As a UK wide leaflet distributor, we understand how to get the best out of the Royal Mail door to door service, how to create the correct distribution batches Royal Mail require and who to talk to at the Royal Mail distribution centres.

As part of our leaflet distributor service, we also recognise what the lead times are, which forms and permissions need granting, where to send the artwork, and how to get the best results from the process.

Door to Door Distribution Case Study

Last year, a financial services client asked us for four million door drop items printed, fulfilled, batched, delivered to Royal Mail centres across the UK. They were to be distributed over four weeks from a standing start, each with a folded letter, form, and business reply into an outer window envelope.

A dedicated WDM account manager worked with the client and made all the arrangements for quoting, working with Royal Mail to gain artwork sign-off, confirming the distribution dates and buying in all the base print materials. We then managed the production time, machine sorting and labelling of the enclosed door drop packs into the relevant batches for the distribution centres, along with organisation of the delivery trucks – all without a hitch. You can find out even more regarding the results on our direct mail case studies page.

Our leaflet distribution and addressed direct mail services offer clients options for both nationwide (UK) and local delivery, direct into their customer’ and prospect home. The hyper-personalised targeting is comparable to digital marketing media.

Using WDM’s proprietary customer profiling and geo-targeting system, clients can now profile their existing customer data, then search for geographic areas of the UK that most closely match their profile, improving the chances of door drop marketing success.

We can also target client’s customer profile ‘look-a-like’ areas within a mileage or time to drive radius. This is perfect for local businesses.

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