As part of our mail fulfilment commitments to our clients, we offer a range of hand packing and direct mail management services.

Hand Packing Services


Hand packing, also known by clients as hand enclosing, envelope fulfilment and sometimes even envelope ‘stuffing’, is also offered as a service.

This service is one of our core offerings for clients and can save you precious time and, most importantly, money.

We also offer hand envelope enclosing for low-volume runs or when there’s a specific need to pack ‘lumpy’ items using or when using non-machinable envelopes.

As a direct mail house, we offer a full range of mail fulfilment services too – taking you from start to finish. We can provide data sourcing and segmentation, design and marketing copy and other mail and print services.   Our business is certifed to ISO27001 industry standards so provides excellent direct mail management to stringent, checked and verifiable processes.

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Polywrapping and Hand Packing


Envelope Inserting Machines

Our letter inserting machines are capable of inserting letters, leaflets, brochures and even secure documents – as part of our transactional mail offering – at extremely high speeds. They are an excellent option for high volume mailing, and will keep your overheads down to a low cost.

  • Capable of producing short run and high run volumes for direct mail
  • Handle all types of mailings – including financial and government documents
  • Mail fulfilment service including distribution
  • Save money on envelopes and postage costs
  • ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO 27001 certification

Advantages of Letter Enclosing

One of the main benefits to choosing envelope enclosing as part of our mail fulfilment service is the option to choose either machinery or specialised team hand packing members. Whether your direct mail marketing is exceptionally high volume, or low volume, unique pieces – our direct mail house can provide a bespoke solution for your project. We offer a complete service that will rapidly speed up your campaign, from the folding and inserting process, to the sealing, weighing and security checking. Essentially, it frees up your time.


Our state-of-the-art envelope enclosing machines are fast and can work to any tight schedule. We understand the importance of time when it comes to direct mail management, so we’ll ensure your mailing is in the hands of your consumers as quickly and securely as possible.


Our team and machinery ensure the safe and accurate insertion of your direct mail. From promotional merchandise to brochures, we can inspect and match every mailing, so your campaign is assured to land in pristine condition.


As a direct mail house, we’ll offer your company postage and distribution discounts on bulk mailings. With envelope enclosing services, you can prepare and mail millions of direct mail pieces at a reduced cost, so you’ll have more left over for your initial campaign.

But there’s more to it than just ‘stuffing’ your envelopes at Washington Direct Mail. We have contacts with numerous suppliers so we can ensure you get the most appropriate envelopes to suit your communications – style can sometimes equals substance to the reader – and we’ll always ensure we give you the lowest prices possible to us. So whether you need mail and print services, or even data cleansing, our team can help with all aspects of direct mail management, get in touch using the form below or call us direct.

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