Direct Mail Services

Great direct mailing services built on market-leading data management and state-of-the-art print and fulfilment facilities.

Direct Mail Services

Direct mail services and direct mail marketing are essential to expanding your tactical marketing reach and placing your products into the hands of your target consumers. At WDM, we offer a full range of print and mail services; personalised direct mail, direct mail design, litho and variable digital printing, direct mail management of data cleansing, direct mail fulfilment, despatch and response handling. To add to this, you can also use our UK mailing house services for PAF validation, envelope auto enclosing, hand-packing, polywrapping and postal delivery overhead management.

We also offer service options for short notice direct mailing within 24 hours, as well as urgent last-minute mailing within two to three hours upon arrangement.

Postage is usually the most significant part of any direct mail marketing campaign, but we can reduce costs by offering Mailsort. We also have the full range of Royal Mail services and other providers, such as Whistl, UK Mail and more available. We can even act as your postal account holder.

consumer refund service

“Washington Direct Mail improved our response rates by nearly 25%… I think that says it all doesn’t it.” Philip Rodger, Consumer Refund Service

Transactional Mail

Transactional mail is one of our mainstay services. We provide the daily production of business-critical secure mail, including statements, insurance documents, renewals and billing.

Personalised Direct Mail

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Over 84% of consumers stated they are more likely to purchase from a brand offering personalised mail, than those who do not. It’s also estimated that direct mail is kept in the house for 17 days, which proves the potential.

Campaign Management & Fulfilment

With more than 30 years experience in producing successful direct mail marketing campaigns, we can provide direct mail management as part of our direct fulfilment promise and will ensure your direct mailing is as successful and targeted as can be.

Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Over 80% of direct mail is read by consumers for more than one minute. Your company has more of a chance standing out in the overwhelming world of emails by incorporating direct mailing into your marketing plan.

In 2017, roughly 269 billion emails were sent daily. That’s a lot of advertising drowning in your consumer’s inbox. However, direct mail is estimated to be kept in the house for 17 days, allowing for higher response rates. Rather than follow suit and lose your message in an inbox, utilise the response rates of direct mail and speak directly to your audience.

Direct mail consistently boasts a high response rate, which, subsequently, improves ROI. Personalise your direct mail and target their specific buying habits and needs, and send them to unique landing pages that encourage them to buy into what you’re selling. By doing so, you should see a vast improvement on ROI.

We may live in a digital era, but consumers still appreciate tangibility. The power of holding direct mail far outweighs reading an email. As mentioned above, consumers are more likely to leave the direct mail in their house and sit down to read your tailored message.

It’s a fact that everyone appreciates mail that looks good. Direct mail printing caters for those needs, with a wide range of printing processes available to suit all campaigns. We provide digital printing and litho printing, as well as direct mail design, to ensure your marketing campaign is exactly as you imagined.

If you stand out in a sea of emails and take time to directly place your direct mailing into the hands of your consumer, you are more likely to see a positive response. By personalising your message towards them, consumers understand you are tailoring content that adds value to their life, thus building the trust between brand and consumer.

The assumption that direct mail is snail mail is not longer the case. Personalised mail can be delivered within 12 hours and is a critical part of the conversion funnel for many successful businesses.

More Direct Mail Services

  • Envelopes, Letters, Postcards, Marketing Campaigns, Welcome Packs, Utility Bills, Contracts, Invoices, Books and Booklets, Magazines, Competitions, Tickets, Invites, Calendars, Freebies
  • Full Variable Digital Printing and Personalisation
  • Any volume: 100’s through to millions of items
  • Auto-Enclosing (automated enclosing)
  • Auto Folding & Cross Folding capabilities
  • Hand Packing
  • Polywrapping
  • Accurate mail matching (for multiple personalised items)
  • 100% mail-out of all data
  • PAF validation
  • Full data management service
  • Royal Mail official MailMark partner
  • Fast delivery as standard
  • 24-hour turnaround option
  • 5-hour turnaround option
  • No need to hold a Royal Mail account

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