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New Direct Mailing List Service for Small and Medium Businesses (SME’s)

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Working with our sister company MyOpenData, Washington Direct Mail Limited (WDM) now offers a revolutionary and unique new data service designed specifically for SME’s.


It’s free to search and you only pay for the data you download.

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Build unique direct mail data lists

MyOpenData is a new, self-service, online, smart data targeting tool.


With MyOpenData you can identify and build direct mail lists.


It’s menu driven so there’s no need for any data skills.  A simple point and click map system lets you create and combine searches based on open data from residential household Census, Companies House and geographic data.


More and more searchable data will be added.  The aim is for MyOpenData be the largest, freely available, online library of Open Data in the UK.


MyOpenData is free to join and search, and data is just 5p per record

You only pay for data you actually download.


Payment is by Debit or Credit Card at the point of download.  The cost of the data starts at just 5p per record.  Volume price breaks will be implemented in the near future.

Get data from MyOpenData


At no point does your targeted B2C direct mail list contain any personal information.


This means the B2C direct mail list you create is anonymous.  However, the unique targeting algorithms maximise success because they are based on solid targeting information such as the Geography and the UK Census.


If you wish, you can merge your MyOpenData lists with your existing customer contact details.  Alternatively, you can add opted-in GDPR contact details for an additional cost.


With any B2B data or mailing list searched for using MyOpenData you have the ability to add ‘Persons of Significant Control’.  Again, this does not break GDPR because the names are in the public domain and sourced from Open Data.


Low-Cost Direct Mail Data Lists

Using MyOpenData can significantly reduce your data costs.  Even low volumes can typically be 60-70% lower than buying a business data list, or business data through other UK data companies.


Reduce your Postage Costs

MyOpenData can also significantly reduce your postage costs too.  Because your business mailing list is compatible with Royal Mail Partially Addressed Mail.


If you’re mailing volume is greater than 10,000, you will automatically be eligible for an additional 4p per item reduction on small letter Advertising Mail, and a 2p per item reduction compared to large letter Advertising Mail*.

Get data from MyOpenData

*Terms & Conditions apply.  Please ask for full details.
MyOpenData Search Page
MyOpenData: Simple Menu Driven Searches make building direct mail data lists quick and easy without any data skills

A Growing MyOpenData library that includes:

  • Geography (Postcode; postcode area; gps co-ordinate; point on map)
  • Radius from point (metres; kms; miles)
  • Royal Mail Residential address
  • Royal Mail Business address
  • Method of Commute
  • Employment status
  • Age
  • Vehicles in household
  • Country of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Industry worked in
  • Hours worked
  • Level of Education
  • Central heating Type
  • Standard Industry Code (SIC) for business type
  • Company registered address
  • Company place of business
  • Persons of significant Control (ie: Directors)
  • Incorporation date
  • Active; Inactive
  • Year End
  • Status (ie: growing, shrinking, stable)


The targeted data you download from MyOpenData can then be de-duplicated against your existing customers, so you don’t waste any budget.


The UK mailing lists you download are compatible with:

  • GDPR
  • 1st Class Business Mail
  • 2nd Class Business Mail
  • Advertising Mail
  • Royal Mail Partially Addressed Mail
  • Royal Mail Mailmark Reporting


Additional Paid for options through WDM include:

  • Add GDPR opted-in contact details from a certified provider
  • Add bespoke design
  • Add printing
  • Add packing and dispatch

Get data from MyOpenData

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