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Digital printing - standard, variable or personalised - is fast, efficient and cost-effective. At WDM, we provide digital printing services for all businesses, and have the knowledge and experience to get your direct mail campaign prepared fast.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a method of direct mail printing. Digital printing takes a modern approach – assembling the images ready for print from a complex set of numbers and formulas. This digital image is used to control the amount of ink, toner and exposure, to produce an exact duplication of the image you would like to produce.

Digital printing services are the most common form of printing today, due to the crispness and consistency of the finished print. With digital, you can personalise your direct marketing, targeting the content towards your audience and addressing them on an individual level.

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Company Benefits of Digital Printing

With digital printing 101 out of the way, here are the benefits of the digital print and mail services for your company.

Fast Turnaround

Modern digital printing services have a quicker turnaround than litho; a huge advantage when you’re on a tight deadline. Digital printing is also better suited for short runs, from a single piece to up to 1000 runs. There is no set-up charge and either, so you can expect an efficient and fast timescale for any direct mailing.

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Cost Effective

As this form of direct mail printing is much faster and efficient, it can run cheaper than more traditional methods. You print only as much as you need for your direct mailing with digital printing. If you have a small printing job, this is the service for you.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is utilised in the digital printing process, allowing you to customise images and tailor content such as text, special offers and barcodes to specific individuals or groups. Using your customer data, we can target direct mail from person to person which increased response and open rates.

Examples of Digital Printing

Digital printing can be used for almost any form of direct mail. Many companies turn to digital printing services as they provide a crisper, high-quality finish. Digital printing can be used for everything from business cards to catalogues.

Postcard printing is still a popular format for direct mail marketing campaigns. They are one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques, boasting massive response rates when combined with personalised printing methods.

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