Royal Mail Mailmark: Delivering New Levels of Business Information

Posted: November 17, 2014

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Royal Mail is replacing its existing barcode system making every single letter traceable to the door. Driven by developments in technology, the new system makes the entire mail system tighter and more predictable, tracking the entire passage of your mail through the delivery network.

This development has been heralded as a revolutionary change for the industry and following detailed discussions with Royal Mail, WDM was selected to be one of the first to adopt the system ahead of a national roll-out. WDM’s Technical Director Jon Beasley said “I think this is a good move for the industry. It streamlines key processes and will help us to provide our customers with auditable mailing information to underpin their trust in our capabilities”.

Mailmark brings mail, technology and business information together. Mailmark barcode technology offers web-based reporting from an online analytics dashboard – showing detailed batch level reporting on predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as item level error reporting.

It has been designed for high volume, high-quality machine-readable mail and will provide powerful tools to analyse your mailings. For the first time, you will know when your consignment has arrived with Royal Mail, when it’s predicted to be delivered and how well it performs – all at a click.

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