Reducing costs with a mailing house post-GDPR

The GDPR signalled a significant change in the way we conduct our marketing campaigns. While the frantic emails encouraging customers to opt-in might have died down, the post-GDPR fear is still very much evident. The GDPR is unknown territory for marketers, and we are yet to understand the consequences to our existing customer database. 

However, the legislation also presents companies with the chance to pull together an effective, transparent and personalised marketing campaign. Businesses must find new ways to connect with and engage consumers. Direct mail, with fewer constraints than online advertising, is effective, provides strong returns and can help reduce overall costs. Here’s how…

Manage your database

Database management is one of the many direct mail services available that can substantially reduce costs. Duplicate data, old data and irrelevant information can cost your company dearly – particularly if you are a small business with little room in the budget for mistakes. However, working with a mailing house offers your company access to sophisticated software applications, which will check for duplicate data and ensure the validity of the personal information stored.

If you don’t ensure your customer data is screened, cleaned and enhanced, you risk sending mail to people who no longer live at the current address, or even an address that no longer exists. Essentially, you are wasting money.

Working with direct mail companies will, for example, ensure a process called data normalisation is completed. This process will make sure all fields follow a certain format and validated. Alongside improving the accuracy, mailing companies will identify any deceased records. All of the above will significantly reduce postal costs due to improved accuracy, and you are likely to see more of a return on investment through response rates. 

Targeted mailings

Quality over quantity holds true with direct mailing. When you work with a mailing house and ensure your data is accurate and clean, you can begin sending highly relevant and personalised direct mail. Mailing these smaller, more targeted groups allows you to tailor the message based on their location, preferences and even buying habits. You are saving money two-fold: fewer direct mailing delivered, with marketing campaigns directly relevant to the consumer, resulting in higher conversions.

Similarly, a mailing house will also provide advice on the design and overall product, thus helping responses. With the expert guidance of direct mail companies, you could substantially boost your customer database.

Fewer hoops than email marketing

With the GDPR in full force, marketers must consider all aspects of email marketing. You must ensure the consumer has provided explicit consent to your company using and storing their information. Likewise, should they request to remove their information – your business must do so immediately. Failure to follow the GDPR legislation can result in significant consequences. The fines can go up to 4% of your annual global turnover… It’s also, likely, that you have lost a large number of customers due to the opt-in option on newsletters and the like. However, direct mail marketing has fewer hoops to jump through. As long as you ensure your direct mailing is of legitimate interest to your consumers, you are free to send your campaign. Rather than run the risk of email marketing, communicate with your consumers through direct mailing and save money in the long-term. 

Mail sorting

Mail sorting is one of the many direct mail services available when working with mailing companies. This process refers to sorting mail in the required order by carriers. A UK mailing house, such as WDM, will use incentives to obtain discounts for companies, as opposed to you producing and delivering the marketing campaign without help.

It’s important to note that data accuracy is crucial to mail sorting discounts. Inaccurate data reduces the discounts available, costing you more in the long run. Always speak to your mailing house regarding your data to ensure you can reduce costs as much as possible.

Bulk discounts

Similar to the above, a mailing house can offer bulk discounts for their direct mail services, making the marketing medium significantly more attractive. Direct mail companies work very closely with mail carriers and, therefore, can negotiate better prices than you can yourself. For those looking to produce an individual campaign as a trial, these discounts can help reduce overheads and provide more ROI. However, it’s likely these prices will vary on the volume of mailing and weight. For instance, dimensional mail does incur more costs due to size. 

Equipment and resources

One of the primary advantages of working with a mailing house is their equipment and resources. Mailing companies offer the best equipment for a variety of printing methods, along with the print finishing techniques. Should you attempt to design, print and deliver your campaign in-house – you are likely to fail. For instance, lithographic printers are available for those sending out large numbers of direct mailing, with each piece costing less. Similarly, it’s proven that direct mail marketing campaigns with luxe print finishing have higher responses, and buying or hiring that equipment is certainly more expensive than enquiring about direct mail services.

In addition to the necessary printing equipment, you can achieve consumable savings when working with mailing companies. For instance, it’s cheaper to pay one organisation rather than purchase print cartridges, paper, stationery and envelopes.

Lastly, the guidance of a mailing house can prove invaluable. In terms of money, success and ROI – you need the advice of people who have experience in the industry. A mailing house can share tips on the design, the call-to-action and even the print finishing for higher responses. Ultimately, working with a mailing house can reduce costs for your overall marketing campaign, while providing more opportunities to communicate with your consumers in a post-GDPR world.

You can read more on the direct mail services available at our mailing house, or speak to one of our team regarding your campaign today.

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