Powerful Direct Mail Statistics you Can Use to Improve your Business

It’s all too often we are told that email marketing is the future of business; we have the internet at our fingertips. However, even with the digital revolution, direct mail marketing is not dead.

Companies are still investing in direct mail, adding it to their array of integrated marketing techniques. Direct mail marketing is alive and kicking, with the direct mail stats speaking for themselves.

Direct Mail Stats

The Effectiveness of Direct Mail

In 2016, UK companies invested a staggering £1.5 billion in direct mail marketing campaigns; the industry is far from finished. Businesses have been looking to engage with their target consumers through a range of advertising tactics, and are now rethinking their strategies – incorporating more direct mail into the mix.
Take a look at Google, the unofficial ‘Parent of the Web.’ Google regularly uses direct mail to target their audience and business clients, allowing them to stay relevant and directly speak to their consumers. If it’s good enough for them, it certainly is for us.

Direct Mail Stats

People may not open their emails, with the rise of junk mail, but they are still opening their direct mail. If you were to take a look at your inbox now, there is, most likely, hundreds of emails from companies waiting for you to take a look. While some can keep on top of their inbox, others can not, leaving your business at risk of wasted potential with email marketing. Email is a competitive industry to be heard and command your audience’s attention. Therefore, direct mail marketing has seen a recent surge in popularity.

MailChimp revealed their email marketing benchmarks for companies using the service and found that, overall, there was an average open rate of 20%. Demonstrating that, even in this day and age, digital marketing has not taken over the direct mail industry; far from it.

Over 80% of Direct Mail is Read

According to Forbes, 66% of direct mail marketing is opened – demonstrating how effective the advertising strategy is when used correctly. From the 66% opened, a further 82% is read for more than one minute. In that one minute, you have the opportunity to be heard by your target consumer and your message must be clear, concise and personalised. Don’t fall into the trap of producing irrelevant content without calls to action. Give your audience a sense of urgency and tell them what they need to do to receive your offers and services.

Response Rates Have More than Doubled

Direct mail marketing statistics for customer response rates have always been high but, according to a recent survey by Data & Marketing Association, prospect response rates for direct mail marketing has seen an impressive 190% increase. This could be due to the sophistication of direct mail today; the improvements in collecting relevant consumer data, browsing behaviour modelling and increase in personalised direct mail services.
Direct mail marketing will continue to grow as it has become hyper-personalised, in a world of irrelevant social media and junk mail. We have outlined even more reasons as to why direct mail still works, in one of our most recent articles.

Customers Make Purchases

This point may be fairly obvious, but if you produce personalised direct mail for your target audience, your customers will, more than likely, be more inclined to make a purchase. The Forbes survey (mentioned above) states that 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail within three months, went ahead and made a purchase from the message in the direct mail. Providing exclusive offers with your direct mail also encourages response and subsequent success.

Personalisation is the Future

Personalised direct mail marketing is the most important practice when appealing to your prospective audience. It builds trust, consumer loyalty and ensures you are targeting your services at those who will buy your product, thus generating revenue. The Forbes article on direct mail marketing in 2017, reported that over 84% of consumers would be more likely to open a piece of mail if it is personalised.

One of the potential problems with direct mail marketing is unclean data. If your data is a little old, focus on cleaning it up and reap the rewards of increased profit.
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