Easter Direct Mail: How, When and Why

Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are behind us for another year, and it’s time to turn your attention to the next milestone – Easter.

This holiday is a prime example of expanding your customer base and encouraging prospects to visit your site, due to the fun nature of the date. Easter is your chance to get creative and achieve eggcellent results (we know, we couldn’t help it…). For B2C companies and those in the hospitality industry, in particular, Easter is prime trading time, and you should already be planning your direct mail marketing.

Easter Direct Mail

Easter Marketing Campaign Success

Direct mail marketing boasts proven results and a direct method of placing your message into the hands of your consumers. While email marketing is still essential in the digital age, it’s worthwhile turning to this communication method – particularly when mailing discounts or offers. It’s estimated more consumers trust vouchers and messages in direct mail, compared to that of email marketing – especially when the email goes straight to their junk folder. It’s much harder to ignore direct mail marketing when it is delivered to your door.

You should be utilising the potential of direct mail for your Easter marketing campaigns. According to Google Trends, searches for Easter begin to rise every year around March 1st and continue until the end of April – possible due to offers in Easter marketing campaigns. With these statistics in mind, you should be looking into producing Easter direct mail to catch your audience while you can, and encourage them to your site.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to Easter mailing, we’re sharing the direct mail services that can contribute to the success of your marketing.

Steps for Easter Direct Mail

If you’re reading this, we can assume you are looking into direct mail services and the results of the communication method. As a UK mailing house, we recommend looking into what direct mail companies can offer your business – particularly regarding expertise and technology. Direct mail companies provide essential direct mail services, such as printing, finishing, design and even campaign management. Often, for companies on a smaller scale, the necessary equipment and knowledge for direct mail marketing are too costly to produce in-house. You have to consider the resources, machinery and distribution to produce a successful direct mail marketing campaign, and you must even train your staff to ensure they are capable of delivering. However, mailing companies already have the in-house technology to ensure successful results. You’ll also find that when enquiring about direct mail services, mailing houses can provide discounts on bulk mailing.

Plan Early

All successful direct mail marketing campaigns begin with prior planning. To ensure your discounts or services land on the doorstep in time to jump on the popularity of the holiday, your Easter direct mail must be in the early stages at least two months before the date.


Before sending off your marketing ideas to direct mail companies, you must define your goals and objectives. What is it you are hoping to achieve with your mailing? Do you want more visitors to your site, or do you want them to purchase a particular product, for example? Clear goals mean you can target the correct audience and tailor your direct mail marketing towards their needs.

Get Creative

If there’s one thing Easter direct mail offers brands, it’s the chance to get creative. Don’t waste it. Look at previous, successful Easter marketing campaigns and replicate the idea. There’s no harm in using past ideas to your advantage, as it means saving time and, possibly, money. This is also where mailing companies come in – especially if you speak to one that offers design as part of their direct mail services.

Successful Easter Marketing Examples

As mentioned above, the eggstravaganza is a big holiday for most brands, in particular, those selling seasonal products. To inspire your Easter direct mail and future direct mail marketing, we’re sharing the most successful holiday campaigns. Prepare to get eggcited.


Easter Direct Mail - Thorntons

Image via Pinterest


Thorntons is a well-loved British brand that acquires a large percent of profits during peak seasonal dates, including Easter. Thorntons incorporated direct mail to their marketing campaign, to target the catering, automotive and marketing promotion industries. Part of their easter mailing campaign included direct mail containing two chocolates and a set of instructions. The instructions were to keep one chocolate but share the other one. Data was then captured through a competition that offered a year’s worth of Thorntons chocolate, thus providing the prospects with a clear call-to-action.


Easter Direct Mail - Hatch

Image via The Dieline


Over the past several years, Hatch has created a tradition at Easter. Each year, in anticipation of the holiday, the company sends out 500 egg colouring kits to clients and associates. The direct mail marketing is colourful and encourages recipients to enter a photo of their best-decorated egg and vote on others.

Ultimately, Easter direct mail can improve relationships between customers and your brands and, subsequently, increase revenue. You can speak to our team regarding direct mail services for your seasonal campaigns, and even join our newsletter below for even more tips and advice. You best get cracking.

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