Integrating Direct Mail with Your Digital Marketing Using Multi-Channel Strategies

A comprehensive marketing strategy doesn’t just need to happen online. In fact, strengthening your campaign with direct mail marketing can ensure you reach wider audiences, improve visibility, and offer your customers an omnichannel approach.

Your direct mail and digital marketing strategies shouldn’t be siloed approaches, but rather, by integrating them, you can better track your marketing success, understand your customers, and gain the most from your efforts.

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Direct mail marketing vs digital marketing in 2024

Both direct mail marketing and digital marketing hold a place in 2024. While both can be useful individually, having a comprehensive, integrated strategy is the best approach for strengthening your efforts and getting the most from your investment.

Consistent marketing is a must across all platforms, including your direct mail approach. If you’re considering adding direct mail marketing to your strategy, ensuring it fits into your original strategy is a must.

How direct mail can enhance your digital marketing strategy

There are several ways that direct mail marketing can enhance your digital marketing strategy. The benefits of direct mail marketing in a holistic marketing strategy include:


Direct mail marketing allows you to target your customers specifically, adding their name and address to the direct mail post to ensure that your customers know that your company is interested in them. In this way, you can adjust your marketing to fit your audiences, their locale, and their common interests.

By using your demographic data, you’ll be better able to target your marketing based on interests, purchasing history, and more to better entice your customers into future purchases or further interactions with your company.

Tracking and monitoring

A large benefit of direct mail, when integrated with your digital marketing strategy, is its tracking and monitoring capabilities. By using QR codes and personalised URLs (PURLs), you can track which customers are coming from your direct mail efforts, showing you your ROI for this approach in real-time.

These links will send your customers to your social media platforms, website, or other locations directly. This way, you can track what does and doesn’t work for your business with ease.

Target your customers where they are

Widening your audience is easier with a mix of direct mail and digital marketing efforts. In this way, you can target your customers where they are. If you’ve got an older customer base, you might find direct mail more efficient, while younger generations might respond better to online marketing material.

By offering this omnichannel approach for all your customers, you’ll be able to offer your products and services to a wider audience, engage with more customers, and ensure that there are multiple touchpoints for your customers who want to get in touch with you—whether this is through social media, phone call, or even email.

Brand reinforcement

The physical benefits of holding and seeing branding in person can help improve your company’s recognisability. For better brand reinforcement, you’ll want to integrate direct mail into your marketing efforts.

Social media scrolling might lead your customers to simply skim over your content, but by offering your marketing in a physical form, you’ll be able to better grab your audience’s attention.

How to integrate direct mail marketing with digital

Knowing how to integrate your marketing is just as important. You don’t want to have two approaches working against each other. Your marketing efforts should be consistent and fluent across all platforms and media, including your direct mail and digital marketing.

Setting your marketing goals

Firstly, you’ll need to know what you’re marketing and what your expectations are for the campaign. You’ll want your digital and direct mail marketing aligned to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

If you’re wanting to drive sales through social media platforms, for example, you can ensure that your direct mail is driving traffic to your socials.

QR codes and PURLs

Ensure you’re setting up QR codes or personalised URLs for your direct mail marketing. These can be integrated into your design and make it easier for your customers to find what you’re advertising. This way, you can better track the interactions your company, or even specific products and services, are having through your direct mail.

You can also split these up by region, demographic, or other factors to gain further insight into the success of your campaign.

To learn more about how to design the right direct mail for your multichannel approach, see our design services.

Cross promotions

You’ll want to make sure you’re grabbing your customers’ attention, whether it is online or in paper form. Offering cross promotions can help navigate your customers from your direct mail marketing to your social media, or even encourage them to sign up to direct mail campaigns to keep them in the loop with the latest exclusive offers.

Cross promotions maintain the consistency between your strategies and ensure that your customers are engaging in more places than one, enhancing your visibility and encouraging active engagement from your customers.

Tips for multi-channel marketing


Remaining consistent is a must for your marketing strategies. Bettering your consistency, including using consistent imagery, copy, and messaging, can ensure that your brand visibility is consistent. You’ll want to make sure that your direct mail marketing and digital marketing appear similar to improve the recognisability of your business and marketing.

This way, customers will know who they’re seeing simply by the colours, headings, and design you use.

A/B testing

Testing is a must for all campaigns, but it can be especially effective through direct mail marketing. Our testing abilities allow you to perform A/B testing to find the best strategy for your customers, both onsite and offsite.

By using direct mail marketing and accurately tracking your interactions, you’ll better understand what designs and messaging resonate with your customers based on factors such as social demographics, address location, and more.

Find out how our data tracking can be used for your business.

Target non-responders

Direct mail marketing can also be an effective strategy when you’re dealing with non-responders. If your usual digital marketing strategy doesn’t appear to be working, it might be due to the speed of social media, the unrecognisability of your brand, or other factors. By sending out direct, personalised content to your customers, you’ll be able to target them at home and improve their recognition of your brand.

To learn more about how our direct mail strategies and to start your journey towards a stronger, more comprehensive marketing strategy, get a quote today.

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