How to write an effective campaign brief

A structured, clear and concise marketing brief is essential to ensure the success of a direct mail marketing campaign. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of marketers unsure of how to write a brief…

In simple terms, a weak marketing proposal can lead to the failure of your campaign. It’s likely there will be confusion amongst the team – both internal and external if working with a mailing house. Similarly, a boring marketing brief can lead to an unmotivated supplier and, subsequently, disastrous results. The procedure for a successful marketing campaign starts at the beginning, when outlining your objectives.

Below are some key points to include in your proposal and a basic marketing brief template to help you on your way to success.

Marketing brief template

The ‘how to write a brief’ question is not so complex when you get down to the basics. Essentially, a marketing plan template is the initial strategy for a campaign. This brief also includes information about what it is you want the campaign to achieve. A creative brief forms a later part of the campaign brief, containing the creative ideas both visual and written for the campaign. We can split your marketing strategy template into these points:

Product background

Always include a brief summary of your company and or products to your marketing proposal. Helping to set the scene – with additional information on brand personality and tone – will only help in achieving your objectives, as well as consistency through all channels. Pricing and your sales process should also be mentioned, as well as any other research that may help appeal to your target audience.


If you have seen a successful marketing campaign in the past you hope to emulate, tell your direct mail company. Include examples and explain what they are doing right to target your prospects.


What is the reason for your direct mail marketing campaign? Is it to sell your products, or to make your audience aware of your brand? You must always define clear and, most importantly, attainable goals as part of your marketing plan template. Similarly, what is your desired format? Is it a direct mail postcard, dimensional mail or even integrated marketing.


Again, why are you doing this? Why forms the foundation to any marketing strategy template, and allows you to measure the success of the campaign.


You must describe your target audience in detail. Provide information on their buying habits, wants and needs etc. Are they business customers, or commercial? Try and describe in detail your ideal prospect to ensure you deliver the correct and most personalised message.

Set the tone

As mentioned above, it’s important the mailing or printing house understands the brand tone. You must be consistent through all marketing channels to stand the best chance of your audience recognising your brand.


What will be included in your direct mail copy? Do you have a specific call-to-action – such as an exclusive offer – you would like to promote? You must communicate all objectives to your external agency.


The timeline is crucial to your marketing brief. Are you expecting a fast turnaround? How soon do you need the direct mail marketing campaign out of the door? If you are releasing your mailers in stages, you must mention you require storage as part of your campaign brief. Not all direct mail companies offer warehouse facilities, which is a necessity if you are looking to deliver your campaign over a specific period.


How would you like your goals measured? What does success mean for your campaign brief? For example, are you looking for inquiries, website visits or even sales?


All of the above outlined in your marketing strategy template comes down to budget? What are the initial costs of your direct mail marketing campaign? Is there any flexibility with the budget? This will determine the best marketing vehicles for your campaign.

Campaign brief format

We advise all clients use a company standard marketing plan template, making it easier to modify when required. Each campaign may need different headings, however, so it’s important to be flexible.

We always think of SMART when it comes to advising how to write a brief. Make it specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and with timelines. This will benefit all involved, letting them know what is expected.

Concise is good, but it can be boring. Ensure your marketing brief is motivating to help the team work effectively, and willingly. If you believe in your campaign, others will.

We recommend using clear and simple language to reduce the risk of miscommunication. Don’t assume that all in the team understand the complicated terminology. This is equally relevant if you are working with external agencies, with varying levels of knowledge and expertise. Your marketing plan template should make sense to newcomers in the industry.

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