How Copywriting Can Make a Good Direct Mail Campaign Great

Many people can write well, but writing copy for a direct mail campaign requires a higher level of writing skill.

A thorough understanding of what makes direct mail successful, such as knowing the triggers that work and those that don’t, is vital. A common misconception of direct mail copy is to believe it is better to keep copywriting in-house. The team are already familiar with the content marketing strategy etc. However, it is ‘how it being said’ rather than ‘what is being said’ that transforms a direct mail marketing campaign from good, to great. And, this is where mailing houses and direct mail companies come into the fold.

Direct Mail Copy

Mailing services are essential for the success and, subsequently, the longevity of your direct mail campaign. Mailing companies ensure your direct mail campaign is produced and tailored to your audience (hence the importance of personalised direct mail). They can even go so far as to provide guidance on direct mail design. This can take the form of copy. It’s worthwhile seeking advice in regards to direct mail services at mailing houses. They have the experience and previous case studies to boot.

The success of well written direct mail campaigns

If you’re still unsure on adding direct mail services to your marketing strategy, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should. Good direct mail copy can enhance your advertising and build relationships with your consumer. It can even improve revenue. As a UK mailing house, we have some convincing stats to provide on the use of mail. As reported in our direct mail statistics article, a staggering 66% of direct mail is opened by the consumer.
From the 66% opened, a further 82% is read for one minute or more. Good copywriting and clever personalisation has undoubtedly contributed to the recent success rate of the communication method. As a direct mail piece is more likely to be read than its email counterpart, direct mail content has even more potential to deliver a high impact and yield good results.

Customers are making purchases

62% of consumers who responded to direct mail within three months, went on to make a purchase based on the message in the copy.

Personalisation is key

Personalisation written into the copy builds trust and loyalty. 84% of consumers are more likely to open a mail piece if it is well personalised. It is also reported that people concentrate more on physical copies of documents and letters over their electronic counterparts.

Rules for direct mail copy

Direct Mail Content

When producing direct mail copy, you must always consider your audience. All good mailing companies providing direct mail services will tell you this. Your consumers are your end goal, and you want to tailor your content as specifically to their needs as possible.

Think about what it is you want to sell and what problem does it resolve for their consumer; why should they buy into your brand. Who are your customers, do you already have a ‘relationship’ with them. Consider your competitors and how they target their audience, and why the consumer should choose your brand over anyone else. Lastly, what is the goal and the call-to-action to inspired the prospect?

There are several rules to good copywriting for a direct mail campaign:

  • Short quotes with meaning
  • Exciting and powerful words that inspire action
  • A story: sell your brand and get the readers excited to buy your offering
  • Personalisation: if you have information on your customers and their purchasing habits, use it and personalise content as much as possible.
  • Write for mail not for social media: there is no need to shorten words and sentences, as you have more opportunity to be clear.
  • Remember quality is more important than quantity: each and every word should add impact.
  • Include a strong call to action: be specific and precise.

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