How do I give you a Direct Mail job brief?

Posted: December 19, 2017

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Washington Direct Mail has a simple three-stage Job Brief

Briefing a UK Mailing House correctly is essential for any direct mail marketing project.  Without a comprehensive brief, any number of complications and misunderstandings can arise.

Here is WDM’s quick and easy process to ensure everyone’s happy:

  1. We can take a job brief in person, by telephone or by email.
  2. We then confirm what we’ve heard from you by itemised email for your go-ahead or alteration.
  3. Once we’ve received your go-ahead, we’ll acknowledge your order so you have a record of what we have agreed to do.

If you are completely new to this, don’t worry, our direct mail marketing managers will walk you through the whole process, and at every stage we’ll be on hand to take your questions, answer your queries and offer our mailing house expertise and experience to advise you.

Our expert can work with you to understand your direct mail project and advise you on the most appropriate options for the best results.


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