Direct Mail Statistics

At Washington Direct Mail, we specialise in print and direct mailing services. Our team are constantly working towards creating cost-effective, reliable, and successful marketing campaigns for customers across the nation. On average, businesses spend 18% of their marketing campaign budget on direct mail and print advertising, so is it really worth it?

To showcase the numerous benefits of our services, here’s a selection of some of the key reasons why your business stands to benefit from direct mail.


There’s no doubt that direct mail can help your business succeed. The exponential growth of direct mail showcases this, and these numbers prove it.

  • Direct mail is third most funded method in the marketing sector (3.6%)
  • People’s interest in direct mail increased by 29% on weekends during lockdown

Engagement and response rate

Direct mail marketing is an effective method. Research shows that consumers are opening and reading these advertisements.

  • Direct mail has an average engagement rate of 95%
  • More than 9 in 10 people open, read, and store direct mail
  • 14% of addressed direct mail leads to household conversations
  • Direct mail is 49% more memorable than email, 35% more memorable than social media advertising
  • Direct mail is 33% more engaging than email, and 35% more engaging than social media


There are multiple benefits to adopting direct mail into your marketing strategy. In fact, research shows that direct mail influences consumer behaviors and buying habits.

  • 70% of customers feel important when they receive direct mail
  • 70% of consumers go online after receiving direct mail
  • 35% of people buy products or services after reading direct mail
  • A study found that one third of campaigns using direct mail among other marketing strategies saw an increase in revenue

Millennials and Gen Z

There’s no doubt that younger generations are receptive to online marketing. Well, millennials and Gen Z are also responding to direct mail advertisements.

  • Direct mail is perceived as more unique to Gen Z
  • 42% look for brands online after getting a piece of direct mail
  • 84% of 15–24-year-olds scanned a QR code after seeing mail adverts
  • 20% of 15–24-year-olds paid for goods after seeing mail adverts

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We let our numbers do the talking


Engagement rate with direct mail

9 in 10

people open, read, and store direct mail


more memorable than email


more engaging than email and social meida

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