Direct Mail for Schools and Higher Education

Education marketing is critical to boosting your school profile – particularly in our online world. Since we started as a UK mailing house, we have plenty of experience in the school mailings market, providing high-quality and tailored direct mail services for marketing campaigns. Our mailing house services are available in the UK, and international, for all education sectors, whether that be schools, colleges, universities and wider.

Why do you need education marketing?

In the digital age, it’s never been more important for your profile to be visible in front of the right people, at the right time.. This could be for parents, students, financial managers, or your peers in the educational community. While email marketing has dominated education for several years, direct mail marketing is enjoying its time in the spotlight. The DMA has recorded its highest ever open rates at 4.4%, compared to 0.12 for email, signifying the power of direct marketing.
What we offer

We understand the education sector faces huge challenges when increasing the number of students and ensuring they are gain the best possible results. All of this while maintaining or even lowering budgets, so we’ll work with you throughout the school advertisement and marketing process. With our effective campaign management, we can deliver the results and even promise a fast turnaround with our printing services. Education direct mail doesn’t need to be difficult or costly, and we even provide bulk mailing discounts for clients.

Our education marketing services include:

  • Clean up and segmentation of prospect data
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Guidance on design and copy
  • Printing services
  • Delivery and mailing discounts

Advantages of school marketing

School marketing plays a vital role in getting your school in front of the right people.

  1. Boost profile.
    To encourage students to visit your campus or even register for your school, you need to boost your profile. Direct mail allows you to target those prospects in fine detail, segmenting consumers into further groups, and even down to the individual, hyper-personalising each and every message, no matter the volume.
  2. Personalisation.
    It’s never been more important to personalise your message towards your consumers. The data is readily available, and prospects demand more from brands today. Your education direct mail should certainly target a message to particular age groups, and our team can work with your to produce punchy and powerful copy. Direct mail marketing is said to last in the house for 17 days, and the stats speak for themselves.
  3. Increase responses.
    Email response rates are dropping, particularly in a world where an average 269 billion emails are sent per day. This figure is only expected to grow to 333 billion in the year 2020. There’s a high chance of your email marketing getting lost in the overwhelming wave. However, direct mail school advertisements are delivered straight to the door.

Marketing brochures

Marketing brochures are a typical method for school advertisements, and there is still huge potential to be achieved with your school booklet. As we mentioned above, you are delivering important information to your audience. Touch is a significant advantage to the marketing medium, and one that digital advertising can never compete. School brochures offer unique interaction, unlike online ads. The information is also readily available, unlike attempting to search for a previous advert on the internet. Another plus is that education marketing brochures tend to be relatively cost-effective and within your budget.

Student Union Welcome Packs

Welcome packs are one of the easiest and most cost-neutral types of direct mail marketing that we can help you with. Each year, new and returning students are mailed out essential course information alongside a personalised pack of special educational offers from local businesses, restaurants and leisure activities. These special offer inserts are sold to businesses, essentially off-setting the cost of the printing, direct mail fulfilment and dispatch. The educational establishment wins because they ensure the students have full knowledge of any legal, social or other necessary guidance. The local businesses win because they are able to reach a highly niched audience in a cost-effective manner; and the students win because they will use the offers to subsidise their social activities.

Multi-channel integration

The possibilities for integrating your direct mailing and online marketing are unrivalled. You can lift your response rate significantly, by a factor of 118% in some cases. Our team can provide advice on getting the most out of your marketing campaigns, and work to expand your reach and, subsequently, boost your profile.

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