Direct Mail Postcards: One of the Greatest Marketing Techniques

In the world of emails and online advertising, direct mail postcards are effective. While they may be considered a traditional marketing strategy, direct mail postcards are one of the most effective formats of direct mail marketing; we’re here to share why.

Direct Mail Postcard Stats

Direct mail postcards are popular and successful and have emerged as one of the greatest direct mail formats, due to their ability to attract high levels of consumers. They can also be hyper-personalised and grab attention when delivered to your door, among the sea of emails and online ads that overwhelm us today.

In fact, direct mail is so effective, more than 56% of postcards are read by direct mail recipients. 2016 alone saw the UK spend a staggering £1.5 billion on direct mail marketing, and with more than half of consumers opening direct mail, it’s easy to see why.

How to Create an Effective Direct Mail Postcard

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With 66% of consumers opening direct mail delivered to their door, you need a strategy for your direct mail postcards. Whether that be outsourcing to a mailing house that provides direct mail printing services, to tips on design – we have the tricks of the trade for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

Avoid the Ad Trap

Many direct mail postcards often look like an advert and, while it may work for some, the likelihood is that your consumer will not even take a second glance. You have a couple of seconds to entice the prospects into reading further (luckily, direct mail marketing is kept in the house for an average of 17 days), so you need to keep it personalised – rather than a generic piece of direct mailing.

Design your direct mail postcards with the reader in mind, even speak to mailing companies regarding the design for expert advice. The postcard should, ideally, read as if a friend is talking to them. The type of font (handwriting style, for example), along with the pictures all help achieve the particular look you are attempting to convey. Try to use real pictures of real people at your company, to avoid falling into the junk mail pile of stock photos.


If you start your direct mail postcards with ‘Dear Homeowner’, we recommend you throw it away now. In this day and age, consumers expect companies to know their buying habits and needs, what are their favourite shops etc. You should at least know their name… Forbes reported that over 84% of consumers would be more likely to open direct mail if it was addressed directly to them, and you cannot ignore powerful stats such as those. Personalised direct mail allows you to speak to your consumer and place your message, or products, directly into their hand. It’s also worth noting that 62% of prospects who went on to purchase within the first three months of receiving direct mail, did so because of the personalised direct mailing message.

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Call to Action

Your direct mail postcards should always feature a clear and simple call-to-action. You want to create a direct mail design that causes intrigue and encourages those readers to act on the call-to-action. Motivate them into taking the next step of the purchasing process, but be wary of providing too many calls-to-action. If you litter your direct mail postcards with vast numbers of discounts and offers without clear direction, it could be considered as spam and, subsequently, thrown in the bin. Stick to a design that befits your brand and is simple, clean and easy to understand.

Don’t Forget the Back

While on the subject of design, don’t forget the back of your direct mail postcards. Mailing companies and mailing houses will know the power on the back of this particular direct mail format. When post is delivered, it’s typically done so with the address on top, so the postman can see who it is going to. Therefore, you need to start your message on the back, as this is the first side your prospects will see.

Include Customised URLs and Landing Pages

For your prospects to actually respond to your direct mail postcards, you need to offer them something. It’s unlikely consumers will do anything for free, so add specific landing pages to the design that offers personalised messages, products they may like etc. Better yet, offer QR codes on the direct mail postcard for them to scan with their phone. Make sure the URLs are easy to remember, as not many consumers run for the computer when they receive a piece of mail, so you need to keep fresh in their mind.

There are various other factors to consider with direct mail postcards, but you could also add testimonials and reviews to your direct mailing. Testimonials add trust to the company and encourage others to purchase with your brand, especially as previous customers had such a good experience.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

Direct Mail Postcards Fulfilment

When planning your direct mail postcards, there are many reasons to outsource to a mailing house. Mailing companies often offer bulk postage discounts for direct mail marketing services, saving you precious money to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. Mailing houses also boast the knowledge and experience to improve direct mail postcards and create a successful marketing campaign.

You also have to consider your postcard printing. Should you want your direct mail printing to be on a high-quality material (recognised to improve response rate), a mailing company is your best option. They will have the equipment and staff to take on such an important order, which you may not have access to. You can read up on even more reasons to outsource to a mailing company.

Direct mail fulfilment is, perhaps, the greatest reason to take advantage of a direct mail company. Direct mail fulfilment occurs between the postcard printing and the distribution. The fulfilment house process includes data cleansing and ensuring it is clear and accurate for the marketing campaign, as well as the material preparation, folding, closing etc. packaging and then distributing the direct mailing.

Should you attempt to do all of this in-house, without the aid of a fulfilment house, you will struggle without the technology. The time, money and staff needed for such a project could render your direct mail postcards useless, as you have already overspent on the budget.

Mailing companies, such as WDM, have all of the equipment necessary to create, produce and distribute a successful direct mail marketing campaign. As a fulfilment house, we offer personalised direct mail services, transactional direct mail, direct mail design, direct mail printing and we can also clear up your data. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss what we can do for your company.

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