Why Direct Mail is Popular at Christmas

Christmas is the most significant period to appeal to your consumers. At Christmas, we’re all, typically, that little bit happier and generous and more receptive to festive marketing. However, many companies are missing a trick when it comes to advertising during the holidays.

Direct mail has consistently proven itself as powerful when it comes to response rates, and we’re sharing why direct mail is popular at Christmas.

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Personalised Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your prospects at Christmas, amidst the sea of Christmas email marketing. Retail stores will be sharing their discount products/services/exclusive Christmas offers, and consumers will find it difficult to read and, subsequently, find your call-to-action. Many businesses are now turning to direct mail marketing services, and the use of mailing companies to help design and produce. Avoid the trap of spamming your consumers with emails regarding your products and services, and use a mailing house for direct mail marketing.
Response rates for direct mail are huge, and the direct mailing responses in 2017 were at their highest in 2017. The DMA has not reported responses like this years, since they came out with the Response Rate Report in 2003.

Direct mail also provides companies with the option to personalise mail and address consumers directly. While you can do that with email marketing, personalised direct mail offers you the chance to place your products/services directly in their hands. Emails can be ignored, but direct mail marketing is delivered to your door, meaning your direct mail is more likely to be read. At WDM, we offer personalised direct mail services for your business, to ensure you are placing your company services in front of the right people, at the right time.

Make a Statement

If there’s one thing you can do at Christmas, it’s make a statement. Christmas is a time to get creative and reach out to your prospects in fun and exciting methods. Don’t stick to the standard format of direct mail. If you have a brilliant idea for your direct mailing and have even seen it produced successfully in the past, use it to your advantage and save precious time. We predict one of the biggest direct mail trends of 2018 is dimensional mail, as they stand out from the crowd of typical direct mail. Christmas is a holiday where people are more generous with their time, so you could take inspiration from our most creative examples of direct mail marketing – requiring your consumers to interact with your direct mail services, or even build the direct mail.


Christmas Direct Mail Design

Christmas direct mail should be vibrant and stand out from the crowd. You must consider your design when approaching a mailing company, and ensure it represents your brand and does everything you imagined it to do. For example, there should be a clear call-to-action that could take your consumers to a specific landing page, and offer them exclusive discounts on products or services. However, don’t fall into the trap of providing too many calls-to-action without much explanation, as prospects are likely to ignore the direct mail.

While you must remember your brand when designing your direct mailing, Christmas gives you the freedom to experiment. Appeal to the festive side of your prospects and offer them something different to the mass of catalogues sitting on their welcome mat. You could also look for mailing houses that provide direct mail design services, such as WDM. We can put together a design befitting your company, provide expertise on creating direct mail marketing campaigns and resizing and tweaking artwork.

Cost Effective

If you are looking to send out bulk direct mail, it is more cost effective to outsource to a mailing company. Transactional direct mail is very cost-effective and, if you are looking to send documents at Christmas, it’s best to stick to direct mailing rather than email marketing.
Mailing companies have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to creating Christmas direct mail, so you can be sure of a fast turnaround when it comes to your direct mail. Direct mail has proven to be worthwhile when it comes to response rates, and you should certainly be considering communicating with your prospects via the medium of direct mail.

Integrated Marketing

Direct mail is at its most powerful when combined with the likes of email marketing. Integrated marketing is the future of direct mail, and one of our direct mail trends in 2018. If you coordinate your messages both online and in print, you are reaching a wider audience and, subsequently, driving traffic to your website.
For this Christmas, you can combine your online and direct mail marketing by offering QR codes on your mail. The consumers can then scan these codes using their smartphones, taking them to a customised landing page that offers discounts, or your best products and services. Broaden your message with integrated marketing.

If you would like to discuss options for your Christmas direct mail, get in touch with one of our team today. We offer a range of direct mail marketing services to ensure your company gets the most out of the busy festive period.


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