Direct Mail Myths About Millennials and Why it Works

In the age of technology, we can assume one thing – the greatest method of communicating with Millennials is via digital advertising, right? Not so; recent surveys demonstrate Millennials engage with traditional mail more than was expected.

We are outlining why direct mail still works and the best methods for attracting the elusive Generation Z…

Why Direct Mail Works

Direct mail is still relevant today, even more so than it has ever been, for many reasons. Direct mail marketing campaigns are tangible, in a world where most ads are online and untouchable. Direct mail marketing offers your brand the chance to place your services or products directly into your prospective audience’s hands – a feat no other form of advertising offers. More often than not, Millennials, typically, only receive bank statements, etc. through the letterbox, and the excitement of high-quality direct mail marketing increases their response rate.
Direct mail is also hyper-personalised in the sea of ‘spam’ emails. You can address your prospects by name and personalise your direct mail format to their needs and buying habits.

Millennials Trust Direct Mail

Direct Mail Stats Example

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It’s official, Millennials trust direct mail. Last year, Royal Mail’s, Mail Men, conducted research into Generation Z and their online habits, with results showing they trust direct mail over digital advertising. A whopping 32% of young people preferred direct mail to online ads and 66% said they would use a voucher if they had it delivered to their door, rather than found online.
Further to that, 84% of Millennials look through their mail, and 64% would rather look for useful information on brands and services in their mail, as opposed to looking online. The results are at odds with what we are led to believe in regards to the younger generation, demonstrating a change in marketing strategy is necessary. Digital ads are no longer the only option when it comes to communicating your services.

Generation Z Advertising

Direct Mail Myths About Millennials

Millennials are not online as much as you think. Generation Z makes up 31% of magazine readers and 20% of newspaper readers. On top of that, 50% of Millennials ignore digital adverts, but only 15% ignore direct mail. One of the biggest mistakes brands make is to assume all young people are not concerned with anything that isn’t digital; the direct mail statistics state otherwise. If you are looking to integrate direct mail and online (we recommend you do), start with high-quality direct mail that stands out from the junk mail most people receive. According to a Mail Men survey, almost four in 10 Millennials (or ‘Fledglings’ as they are called in this study) respond more to direct mail marketing campaigns on high-quality printed materials.

An example of a clever direct mail marketing campaign is that of Lynx Black. Typically targeting young men, Lynx realised many of their prospects had ‘matured’, and they needed to do so with them. Subsequently, they launched Lynx Black – dedicated to the lifestyle of music gigs, grooming and going out for beers with friends. They sent out direct mail to influencers within the industry in the form of exclusive boxed invitations, each containing a black T-shirt with a Bluetooth chip sewn in. They opened a store, Black Space, for those that received the invitations to attend while wearing the shirt, and provided a unique experience tailored to these influencers from the information from the chip. Over 17,000 visited Black Space and they generated more than 52 million social media impressions, from sending out traditional direct mail.

Direct Mail and Email Marketing Combined

The future is bright for advertisers, with a combination of direct mail and digital. Direct mail marketing campaigns are now used to complement online ads (in the case of Lynx Black), and the results show it is working.

You can use the best of both worlds; the reliability and trust of direct mail, as well as the cost-effective and quick process of digital adverts.
Remember to:

  • Address your direct mail marketing directly to Millennials (personalisation is key)
  • Insert a call-to-action on your direct mail. However, don’t fall into the trap of creating too many, as we mentioned in our Halloween Horror Stories
  • Encourage them to share the direct mail with their friendship groups of a similar age. Word of mouth is still integral in the industry
  • Ensure your direct mail marketing campaign is complemented by online ads, social media etc. and they are easily accessible on all devices

You can get in touch with one of our team today regarding what direct mail can do for your brand, and to discuss the services we offer – such as personalised direct mail and transactional direct mail.

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