Transactional Direct Mail: Trafford Council

Transactional direct mail tax bills are generated from a custom system within Trafford Council who supply them to WDM as print-ready pdfs.

Transactional direct mail tax bills are generated for Trafford Council from a custom system and they supply them to WDM as print-ready PDFs.

As you might imagine, tax bill data has extreme sensitivity, so the integrity of each mailing always has to be one-hundred percent.  In the past this meant enclosing letters with varying numbers of pages by hand or counting every envelope to ensure there hadn’t been any doubles fed through the inserting machine if the letters were only a single page.

To get around this WDM has created an automated process that saves the PDF to a watched folder. The PDFs are analysed to work out how many pages are in each letter, and a 2D barcode is added, then they are sent to the print queue

The 2D barcode is read using a camera on one of WDM’s inserting machines and the correct number of pages is folded and inserted into the envelope.  The number of printed pages and envelopes required is automatically added to a report which is used to manage the stock and generate the monthly invoice.

As an added extra WDM were able to determine if there is more than one letter being sent to the same address and put those into the same envelope which meant fewer envelopes being used and savings created on postage as well.

In essence, this case study highlights WDM’s ability to guarantee two, three, and even four-way mail-matching… ie: the ability to ensure multiple personalised elements within each direct mail pack are completely accurate.

For more information on how WDM can help your company, please see our Transactional Direct Mail services page, and the blog post 15 Business Uses of Transactional Direct Mail.

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