Mail Piece for a Major Multinational PLC

This project required complex document creation with varied content and data files for different areas across the business with response management.

The mail piece for this project was 6,000 new staff contracts for a major multinational PLC, including a covering letter, some additional pages, and two identical copies of the contract for the staff member to sign — one to return and one to keep. Both copies of the contract needed to be stapled separately in the top left corner which prevented automating the fulfilment process with barcodes and cameras. The client wanted the returns to be sent to WDM and required a 100% response rate.

The objective

This project required complex document creation as different content and data files were needed for areas across the business as well as some form of personalisation. A4 32-page personalised packs were printed in black with two stapled subsets and enclosed in C4 window envelopes. There was an opportunity for postage discounts with Mailmark, which requires a printed barcode on the letter that is visible through the window of the envelope. The letter moves around too much and the barcode can drop out of a standard size C4 window envelope. We managed the responses and reported daily on this.

Our solution

We rebuilt supplied artwork files in our industry-leading design software (Connect by Objectif Lune) and combined the small data files to create one large file that could be mail sorted to achieve postage discounts. Each pack was output as an individual PDF, processed by a newly built workflow to process each PDF in order, applying the subset stapling as they exited the printer as a single prime document. As the pack was quite thick, it wouldn’t move around inside the envelope as much as most of our usual C4 work. We created a test pack and realised that there was a spot where the barcode could go without ever dropping out of the window. The address also must remain in the window and we noticed that if we could lose one address line, we could achieve this with approval from the client. We applied a 2D barcode to both copies of the contract in the pack, then we built a database containing the details of every pack we had printed and posted.

As the returns were received at WDM, we scanned the barcodes to update the database. At any point we could produce a list of the people who had returned the contract and who hadn’t. This was supplied to the client daily and we also used this file to send out reminder letters to those who hadn’t returned the contract.

The outcome

The mailing was well planned and fulfilled efficiently which lead to it being posted two days earlier than estimated using the cheapest postage method available. The client was very happy with our response management part of the project.


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