Client Seminar Attendance & Queries Increased After Geographic Direct Mail Campaign

We targeted households in the catchment areas for different seminar venues.

Our client is a leader in the sale of privately-owned businesses. Among the services they deliver to their clients is a series of seminars aimed at business owners advising them of their options and opportunities to maximise the value of their businesses.

The objective

Having used direct mail to promote seminars with some success, our client wanted to refine their approach and improve the response rates to their direct marketing by targeting clients geographically.

Our solution

We began by working with our client to understand the seminar programme, the venues where seminars would take place, and the catchment areas for each based on proximity and drive times. We developed a series of mailers, each featuring a different seminar venue. We then developed a programme to assign individual contact records to each venue based on the type of seminar and the location where it was taking place. Once the data was correctly set up, we used it to produce personalised invitations informing clients of a venue and seminar that would be highly relevant to them. 

The outcome

The changes we made to the seminar promotion mailings produced results straight away. Enquiries and attendance increased and feedback from clients confirmed that geo-targeting invitations had been influential in their decision to contact our client.

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