Direct mail can take retail to new heights

Our world may be one where we can easily reach customers online at any time, but customer engagement is lacking. In fact, engagement levels are falling. Perhaps, the digital era is becoming a lonely place for customers, who believe the personal touch is no longer considered with brands.

Consumers, today, are looking for alternative methods to engage with brands, away from their screens. Direct mail marketing is recognised as the most trusted marketing medium, with the highest ever response rates recorded in the past year (according to the DMA). Not only does the physical ability to hold marketing mail encourage customers to engage with your brand, but consumers understand, remember and digest what they read on paper better than on the screen.

As such, we’re sharing why you should consider direct mail targeting for your retail and e-commerce store. Perhaps that missing chink in your retail marketing armour is, in fact, direct mailing.

Direct mail retargeting

Retargeting is, certainly, not a foreign concept to marketing managers, but it is one that many do not employ with direct mail marketing. Working much the same as Facebook retargeting, this is a process where you can market your products or new services to past customers. Working with a mailing house, who boasts significant experience in this area, will prove invaluable – particularly as, for best responses, we suggest personalising the direct mailing pieces.

Before opting for direct mail services and looking for a mailing company, however, you will need to pull together a list of already existing customers, alongside their emails, addresses and any other information. The more information you provide on the consumer, the better your marketing mail will be tailored to their needs. Another option is to segment these customers even further, placing them in high-value groups. For instance, perhaps focus on those that are not repeat customers, but can be coaxed into becoming so.

The purpose of direct mail retargeting is to re-expose your audience to your brand, and the reasons why they should engage with your products. With that in mind, it will also be in your best interests to discuss integrated marketing with your mailing companies. For example, deliver your direct mail for initial awareness of the latest products etc., and follow up with an email newsletter or through another digital marketing campaign.

Reward loyal customers

You should never forget your loyal customers. It’s ‘easy’ to attract customers to your brand for the first time, but it’s harder to retain those prospects. Rewarding your previous consumers or those that have had memberships, for instance, for many years is a simple and cost-effective method of engagement.

Direct mail services can include dimensional mail for those customers, or you can simply send a thank you letter. Your mailing house will discuss all of your options and, likely, provide postage discounts for any bulk transactional mailing.

The fact that you have taken the time out to seek direct mail companies and thank those consumers for purchasing for your brand goes a long way. In a world where everything is online, your brand can jump out of the screens.

Optimise landing pages

Going back to integrated marketing and the potential of combining marketing mediums, optimise the landing pages you are hoping to send visitors to. Many mailing companies can provide design advice on the landing pages to ensure the page correlates with your direct mail marketing campaign. Similarly, a mailing house also has the experience of what consumers truly enjoy reading, so their information could prove invaluable.

If you are seeking direct mail services to get more people on your site, you will, likely, be placing the particular URLs on the marketing pieces. If that is the case, they must be up to standard, reflect your brand, are easy to read and offer quick links to the products or service pages. Similarly, we also suggest asking consumers to sign up for your newsletter on the landing page to target them each month/week with your latest products/services.

Embrace personalisation

Personalisation is the key to success with direct mail; ask any mailing house. This is an extremely effective marketing tactic for driving sales, using existing behavioural data and personalised experiences to suit their needs. According to this report, personalisation can lift sales by a minimum of 10%, but the opportunities are far greater than that statistic.

If you already have the data stored, why not use it to its full potential? Your mailing house can automate the process for producing and delivering the mail, and many mailing companies can also share advice and guidance on calls-to-actions and marketing text etc.


This point almost goes without saying, but we will include it anyway… Vouchers are brilliant for encouraging responses to your direct mailing – any mailing company will argue this point. You can’t deny that every person loves a freebie, especially one that has been tailored to their previous purchases and buying habits.

You can use discounts without hurting your brand reputation, such as helping to move old stock, showing your customer appreciation and, of course, rewarding new customers. More information on using vouchers in your marketing campaign can be found here.

Ultimately, we all have to look for innovating and exciting methods to communicate with our consumers. While direct mailing can be considered traditional, it is a refreshing medium in this digital era. You must also consider GDPR compliance when looking into direct mail services. Most importantly, there are fewer hoops to jump through with regards to direct mail marketing, so smaller companies will, likely, benefit from the medium.

If you would like to discuss direct mail management with our mailing house, you can get in touch with our team today

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