Direct Mail Campaign Planning for 2018

Direct mail marketing is a traditional form of advertising, one that is becoming ever more popular in 2018.

Today, the average office worker receives 121 emails a day, and 49.7% of those emails are marked as spam. Those powerful statistics highlight the need for direct mail management, allowing you to directly place your product or message into the hands of your consumer. As a mailing house, we are sharing the top tips for direct mail campaign planning to boost your business profile in 2018.

Prepare Customer Data

Direct Mail Planning

Your first marketing plan steps should always involve data. Any good direct mail campaign targets the correct consumer, tailoring their direct mailing content to their needs and buying habits. Put time and effort into researching your audience and how your message and services will affect them, adding value to their life. Once you have that together, you can begin your marketing plan outline and spread the message.

You must remember that segmenting your customer data is essential for your direct mail campaign. This allows you to send targeted messages, and personalise your direct mail ideas even more. Your audience expects you to know their needs. You can buy new mailing lists of prospects (don’t forget the ones you already have on your mailing list) that match the profiles looking to target, but you must carefully comb through your data to ensure you are not wasting precious time and money.

A benefit to outsourcing your direct mail campaign to a mailing house is their data offering when it comes to direct mail services. WDM offers a data cleansing service to ensure your data is updated, fresh and targeting the right consumer.


In this day and age, consumers are expecting you to personalise their experience with your company. The data is readily available, and you should be utilising it. Evidence supports this theory, and over 84% of consumers will purchase from a brand if they tailor their advertising towards their buying habits and needs. For example, if you begin your marketing plan outline and know who you are going to target – you can produce a particular message for your audience, one that you know will resonate. All good direct mail ideas start with personalisation. How many times have you ignored a letter for the ‘Homeowner’, but picked up a letter addressed directly to you? Personalised direct mail is your opportunity to talk to your consumer, without getting lost in a sea of emails. Don’t waste it.

Creative Design


We all understand the power of good graphics. An image says a thousand words, so produce brilliant graphics to reinforce and support your message; whether that be a unique product or discounts for loyal customers. Many mailing houses offer direct mail design services and we recommend using them. The mailing house has the expertise and knowledge of producing direct mail campaigns, and their ideas could be priceless to the success of your marketing plan.
Likewise, ensure your content is created with the audience in mind. Create precise and direct text. An accurate presentation of what you’re offering is a lot more useful than jargon and paragraphs of text.

Call to Action

A call to action is a vital component to the success of your direct mail campaign. A call to action converts recipients of your direct mailing, turning your marketing plan outline into leads and, potentially, revenue. Engage your customers to encourage them to act now; ‘Visit the website, sale ends today’ etc. A clear call to action should always be part of your marketing plan steps. However, do not clutter the direct mail with several call to actions, as that could have the opposite effect. By overwhelming your audience, they are more likely to ignore your message. Don’t force them but gently push them to your goals.

Track Responses

We cannot stress this point enough, but you should always track your direct mailing responses. If not, how will you know it was a success and, hopefully, emulate the direct mail campaign in the future? To track responses, you could use codes or offers to connect the responses to the particular piece of direct mail – especially if you are testing several campaigns at once. By doing this, you can measure your different approaches and the market more likely to respond. Tracking your direct mailing also helps to measure the budget and whether you could afford to input more revenue into the direct mail campaign. The data collection will, in turn, help deepen your understanding of your consumer’s needs and buying habits, enabling you to create hyper-personalised direct mail ideas in the future.

Mailing House

As a mailing company, we understand the importance of using industry-led knowledge when creating and distributing your direct mail campaign. The advantages of using a mailing house are plenty. Many mailing companies, including WDM, have years of experience and services to produce personalised content for your audience. Mailing houses offer data cleansing and direct mail design to ensure your direct mailing is as targeted and clear as possible. A mailing company also benefits from the technology and printing machines to offer different finishes for your direct mail. It’s well-known that consumers respond better to direct mailing printed on high-quality material, and you may not have the time, staff or budget to purchase these machines and print in-house. Lastly, distribution is a benefit to working with a mailing house. Mailing companies tend to offer bulk postage, allowing you to gain discounts and offers that you might not receive if also distributing in-house.


Direct mail management has experienced a resurgence over the past 10 years or so and is now more popular than ever. More businesses are turning to the traditional form of marketing and integrating it with their digital advertising to further expand their reach. With direct mailing lasting in the house for around 17 days, it’s an opportunity most companies should turn to. Programmatic mail is a big buzzword for 2018 and one of our top direct mail trends. This data-driven approach is the future of direct mail services, enabling you to create an accurate profile of your consumer. With programmatic mail, you could send out the likes of direct mail postcards within 12 hours of your audience browsing your website.

As a fulfilment house, we can work with your company to compliment your digital advertising and get your message in front of the right people.

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