Direct Mail Campaign Ideas To Consider For 2018

Back in 2017, we produced our guide to direct mail formats for your business. We analysed the trends over the past couple of years to predict what’s next for direct mail in 2018.

Luckily, as an established mailing house – most of our predictions look set to be ringing true (it could have been awkward if not…).

Direct Mail Ideas

Direct mailing has long been an efficient and relatively cost-effective medium to communicate with your audience. The market is gaining in popularity as more B2B, and B2C companies turn to it with new advertising ideas, particularly as we are swamped daily with junk emails. Only recently, direct mail was shown to improve email marketing, with combined marketing strategies receiving an astonishing 118% lift in response rate. It’s stats such as these that demonstrate the industry is growing, and will only continue. With that in mind, we are sharing our direct mail services and campaign ideas to build your customer base.


Most of you will not be surprised at the popularity of direct mail postcards. As one of the greatest marketing techniques, with 56% of consumers taking the time to read the marketing postcard, the reasons become clear. A huge benefit to direct mail postcards is their relatively low cost, particularly when it comes to advertising for small business. However, there are some traps to avoid with the direct mail campaign idea, and that is always to remember the consumer. Personalise and include call-to-actions, as well as custom landing pages on the mailer, to ensure they have a reason to interact with your brand, and you get the most out of your money. Similarly, don’t forget the design of the back of the direct mail postcard, as they are, typically, posted ‘front’ face down. You need to prompt the reader to turn the postcard over and read on, and you can’t do that with a blank page.

Dimensional Mailers

dimensional mailer

Dimensional mailers are an innovative form of direct mail and advertising ideas, and we expect to see more brands feature these mailers in their direct marketing campaigns. It’s time to think out of the envelope with your advertising ideas. We’ve seen many brands incorporate this direct mail trend into their marketing strategy, such as Smart, asking their audience to build a recyclable helmet with their direct mailing. Dimensional mailers are renowned for causing a stir on social media, and the right idea can place your brand in front of thousands. You could take inspiration from Smart and ask your consumers to build something relating to your company, or even just include a promotional package – the opportunities are endless. One thing is certain, however, this will improve response rates.

When looking into advertising for small business, we recommend researching the costs of dimensional mailers, as this direct mail campaign idea can vastly increase postage.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Marketers around the world are considering augmented reality marketing. If you’re not, you need to start doing so. Augmented reality marketing is not just a direct mail trend, but one of the most significant advertising ideas for the future. Pokemon Go created the hype for the trend back in 2017, and the likes of the BBC have jumped on board – building an AR app for museums, allowing users to explore artefacts virtually. As mobile dominates almost every industry, you need to satisfy consumer demands; where augmented reality marketing comes in. As part of your direct mail campaign, you could add a QR code for your consumers to scan, with an illustration appearing on their phone, for example.

Multi-Channel Integration

Speaking of the future, you must combine direct mail and digital advertising for the best results. It’s no good ignoring direct mail for email marketing, when it has proven results and can increase your response rate by up to 118%. If you would like to expand your audience base, you can’t do so by ignoring a large chunk of the market. When it comes to advertising ideas and marketing strategies, this is the one to consider. Multi-channel integration can be achieved relatively easily, by including the likes of a QR code (mentioned above). Creating a custom landing page or specific URL and placing it on your direct mail, encouraging readers to visit your site or discount, is another example of multi-channel integration.

Programmatic mail is a form of multi-channel integration, and allows you to send direct mailing within 12 hours of your consumer browsing your website. The technological advances in direct marketing are phenomenal, and should not be ignored.

Personalised Direct Mail

Lastly, we cannot forget one of the most important aspects of your company marketing strategy – personalisation. If personalisation isn’t on the list of your advertising ideas, you are, essentially, throwing money away. The data is readily available for consumers online, and you can even buy more in-depth data. Today, with tailored ads appearing on your phone and computer, direct mailing should be following suit. Personalised direct mail has proven time and time again that it is effective and improves response rates, and it’s one of the most significant direct mail formats of 2018.

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