Why you should consider using vouchers for direct marketing

When it comes to direct marketing strategies and retention, one thing consistently tops the list – promotions. Offering discounts and coupons is a key method for attracting new customers and enhancing brand awareness.

Think about it; you’re going to remember the company offering a 30% discount over the company who delivered a non-personalised postcard through your door. However, it is important to ensure the discounts and calls-to-action reflect your overall brand strategy.

Direct marketing companies and mailing houses understand the potential of displaying a prominent and personalised discount on the marketing mail. However, racing to become the ‘low-price’ leader in your industry can result in disaster if not careful. You may price out your competition, but leave your company with little resources to meet the demand. In any case, experimenting will help find out what works best and there are many ways to attract customers with various offers.

Go after new customers

Utilising direct mail services and speaking to the staff behind the company can only help craft a successful marketing campaign. For instance, if you are a new business attempting to build awareness in your sector, you should speak to the mailing house regarding the best way to communicate with your audience. Every detail matters, including the position of the text, the reasoning behind the image and even the clarity of the picture. More than 68% of consumers believe coupons build brand awareness, and that’s a statistic you cannot ignore.

Similarly, for those offering new products, initial marketing mail may entice visitors and encourage them to browse your site.

Social media

Another option is to speak to your mailing house regarding integrated marketing, helping to maintain consistency within your direct marketing and social promotions. For instance, highlight the discount for the particular product, alongside a specific hashtag, and encourage the customers to share this on their social profiles. You may want to tweet the particular discount several times throughout the day to ensure it gets more attention, but be sure to switch up your message as part of your customer engagement strategies.

Using discounts without hurting your brand

Discounts and offers need not hurt your overall brand strategy and undercut competition, but work to retain customers and, initially, draw others in. They can be used intelligently, via a number of methods.

Help move old stock

This is one of the more obvious places to start. Nothing is more dangerous to a company that products and stock that just won’t sell. If this is the case, look to your existing customer base and analyse the buying habits, segmenting those who would likely be interested in this product into a high-value category. From there, you can work with your mailing house to deliver hyper-personalised direct mail, appealing to the wants and needs of your customer. Through customer segmentation and by targeting specific prospects, you are likely to see more engagement than delivering a one size fits all bulk mailing, in the hope that someone buys the goods.

Show customer appreciation

Of course, you should always be on the lookout for new business, but don’t ever forget your existing customers. Keeping those consumers engaged and happy is the secret to a successful future. It costs a lot more to acquire new customers than keep old ones, so show your appreciation once in a while. Deliver personalised ‘thank you’ letters – using the personal info already stored – with a discount code unique to their buying habits.

Reward new customers

One way to build loyalty is to offer automatic discounts for customers making their first purchase – such as money off or free delivery incentives. One tactic which is often used by marketers is to not tell the customer about the first discount and only tell them about it after the sale. This way, the discount – free delivery on your first order for example – is a nice surprise. This increases your companies image and imporves the chances that your customer will be back for more.

The challenges today

Hand-in-hand with customer engagement strategies, such as promotions, comes the risk. As mentioned above, offering products at a lower price than all other competitors could see you facing financial troubles in the not too distant future. As with all brands, you should be cautious never to over-discount, but if you do, ensure it’s an offer that’s suitable for your customer. Utilising direct mail services is a step in the right direction as it helps you to evaluate the value of the offer by allowing you to use a smaller sample. Remember, there are always going to be people who look for savings and jump from brand to brand, and those are the customers you want to avoid, not encourage.

Integrated marketing is an option all companies should consider, particularly as the internet becomes oversaturated with information. Direct mail companies are seeing a boom in popularity for brands combining their direct mail marketing and email campaigns. For instance, you can share the details of a specific landing page on your marketing mail, and track those who visit from the URL and monitor their behaviour on the site. If they visit a particular product category repeatedly, create a physical newsletter around those products and their benefits.

Alternatively, utilise the direct mail services of a mailing company to target consumers who have abandoned their basket. Within 12 hours, you could be sending mail straight to their door, reminding them of the cart and potentially offering an incentive. It’s much harder to ignore a reminder letter than it is an email.

Ultimately, promotions can only serve to enhance your campaign – when in line with brand objectives. If you’re interested in seeing how a mailing house can add value to your campaigns, phone us or get in touch using the form below.


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