Why you Should Consider Direct Mail Printing Services

Direct mail services have seen a resurgence of late. It’s not enough for companies to rely on online advertising and email advertising, but to combine direct mailing with digital to create an infallible advertising strategy.

As a mailing house, we understand the importance of direct mail. Direct mail companies help you to communicate with your prospects in the most significant and innovative forms. The average household receives 16 pieces of mail each week, compared to more than 100 emails. Therefore, your opportunity for standing out from the crowd in your industry is significantly increased with a successful direct mail marketing campaign and using a mailing company. According to Xerox, 70% of direct mail is opened and 79% for more than a minute. The direct mail services stats are staggering, and this is where good mailing companies come into the fold…

The secret to successful direct mail

Direct Mail Printing Services

There’s no denying that direct mailing is enjoying a wave of popularity. There’s even been enhanced direct mail response rates seen with millennials, demonstrating the power of sending direct mail to your prospects. However, to truly understand the power of a mailing house and direct mail printing services, you need to know the secrets to successful direct mail.


The key to direct mail is personalisation. If you do not speak to your consumer directly, you might as well not send the mail. With the rise of junk and spam emails, direct mail services power lies in its personalisation. You can address your audience by name and craft a unique message regarding your services and products, using the technology provided by mailing companies in the UK.


In the age of smartphones, the ability to hold your mail is somewhat of a novelty. We are so overwhelmed with online advertising as we browse the web, to sit down and read mail is unusual. This is a huge benefit to direct mailing, as you can touch your campaign. The use of a mailing house creating unique and exciting direct mail increases the personal touch, enabling you to place your message to your audience in their hands.


We’ve discussed the advantages of direct mail and, subsequently, using direct mail companies to produce your campaign, but you still need to stand out from the crowd. To stand out from the crowd, consider the best direct mail printers. According to the earlier survey by Xerox, a massive 71% of consumers said the direct mail print choice impacts their decision to open the direct mail.

Consider what form of direct mail you are sending to your consumers, and use the expert knowledge of a mailing house to discuss the best options. Litho printing services are best when it comes to higher volumes of direct mail. Litho printing boasts a lower cost per item when supplying direct mail in bulk. There’s also a higher quality of print crispness, and CMYK colour matching versus RGB for digital printing. You can find out even more regarding the RGB and CMYK difference with our recent article.

However, you could also consider digital printing for the more exciting direct mailing. At WDM, a registered UK mailing house, we provide a fast and efficient turnaround as a standard for digital printing services. Digital printing also provides the ability to personalise your message from page to page, customising everything from images and text. Digital printing is a more commonly used direct mail service today.

Print finishing

Print finishing is another huge aspect to consider when using the services of mailing companies. You want your direct mail marketing to stand out, so go for the best possible option to do so. At WDM, we offer a vast range of direct mail printing services. You can opt for gloss, matte and soft touch laminating for the more luxurious direct mail. Take a look at our creative examples of direct mail for inspiration when approaching a mailing house regarding your campaign.

We also offer stitching and stapling for your direct mailing, spot gluing, pattern gluing and more, as well as die-cutting and folding. Make sure you have an idea as to your direct mail before you approach a mailing company, to ensure you settle on the perfect print finishing for your advertising.

Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss our direct mail printing services, and what WDM can do for your direct mailing.

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