A Comprehensive Guide to Direct Mail Fulfilment

Direct mail fulfilment is a vital component of any direct mail campaign. While the design and marketing plan outline is essential, a fulfilment house will ensure a smooth process for your direct marketing campaign.

What is Direct Mail Fulfilment?

In simple terms, direct mail fulfilment is everything that happens between the initial campaign idea and the final step of the campaign. This is up to the point the recipient receives the mail piece and engages with the content.

direct mail fulfilment

After your campaign has been designed and printed, there are some important stages to go through with a fulfilment house, before it can be said that your order is fulfilled. There are many steps involved, with each being equally important. Every direct mail company will understand their importance to ensure a campaign is successfully sent out and positive results are achieved.

The primary direct mail fulfilment stages are:

As a mailing house, we’re sharing the fulfilment stages to look out for.


After your material has been printed, you may need somewhere to store it. This is, particularly, the case if your mailing is being mailed out in stages. You should always discuss this with your printer or mailing house beforehand. If they do not offer the service themselves, you will need to source an alternative warehouse facility for your direct marketing campaign.


Packing and packaging

Packing requirements for a direct mail campaign may include:

Envelope Inserting

This may be done by machine or by hand depending on the requirements. Usually, there is requirement for the combination of both. Intelligent inserting options are, typically, required for transactional direct mail.

Document folding

When dealing with thousands of mail packs that need inserts and letters folding, the automated folding capability is vital. Leading mailing companies, such as WDM, have to constantly innovate to ensure folding is completed accurately, efficiently and above all else, neatly.


This is a low-cost solution often used for magazines, books and catalogues, as well as other direct mailings. It can include inkjet printing and carrier sheet addressing. Automated polywrapping and poly-processing guarantees security and speed, and are an important component of the direct marketing steps.


Once your campaign is ready, the final stage is to mail it. Mail packs should be produced in a way that maximises postage savings and minimizes time. Using a direct mail company/mailing house ensures the best possible mailing option can be used, whether it’s for 100 pieces or 1 million pieces.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Fulfilment House

The overall process of direct mail fulfilment is pretty standardised. That said, each fulfilment house that offers the service may have different standards, priorities and ideas on how best to fulfil your campaign.
Factors to consider:

  • Use referrals – Speak to colleagues, other business contacts and ascertain a list of potential direct mail service providers in your area.
  • Visit the site – Arrange to visit the company and the processing site to help you understand how they work and to meet the relevant people involved in the process. This will enable you to understand the full direct mail fulfilment process further, and see how they handle their existing client’s work.
  • Security – Ask about security. You may need them to store your material for long periods of time and keep it safe and undamaged.
  • Quality of work – Ask to see examples of previous campaigns they have worked on to assess the quality of their work.
  • Guarantees – Good, reliable direct mail providers will always give you a guarantee that your campaign will be fulfilled to the standard required and within required time frames.

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