B2B Direct Mail: Spotlight on the Legal Profession

B2B direct mail is one of the most common choices for advertising in the legal industry.

In the Legal industry, trust between client and business is of the utmost importance, and direct mailing is one of the most effective methods of communicating, building transparency and, subsequently, trust with consumers. Recent reports have even demonstrated that over 87% of consumers consider mail communication to be believable, with only 48% thinking the same of emails.

Direct Mail Law

Direct mail services are one of the finest options for targeting new business and ensuring your message and services are in front of the correct consumer. Business to business marketing often involves highlighting changes to accounts or services, which is where the transactional mail format comes into play. There are a huge number of benefits to that of B2B marketing mail, particularly with the legal industry. As a UK wide mailing house, this ‘tried and tested’ method has proved successful results over the years. With the technological advances and development within the industry, we only predict more law firms and others will turn to B2B direct mail ideas.

B2B Marketing Direct Mail Benefits

Not only are response rates significantly increasing with direct mail marketing campaigns in the digital age, but there are a number of other advantages to expanding your message with our B2B direct mail ideas.


Data Regulations

We strongly recommend utilising the services of mailing companies – such as WDM – as mailing houses must comply with data regulations. The GDPR legislation comes into force on May 25th, and your firm must be prepared, with fines of €20 million or 4% of global turnover to all companies that breach legislations. At Washington Direct Mail, we can automate the sorting of data, but you must ensure it is legal, clear and accurate. Data should be the top priority of your B2B marketing strategies. Once you have your targeted client in mind, you can be sure your direct mail is in the hands of those interested in your services.

You can read more on the GDPR with our comprehensive guide to the GDPR for marketers.


Geographical Targeting

Direct mail campaigns provide the opportunity to target clients around the world. While digital campaigns also offer this service, there’s more risk of your ads getting lost in the sea of spam and junk businesses face on a daily basis. Direct mail offers you the chance to place your message directly into the hands of your chosen prospect, and mailing campaigns can target small and large-scale areas. Direct mail marketing campaigns can even deliver international campaigns, as seen with this case study of EE and their use of direct mail services.



A fulfilment house, such as WDM, takes care of all of the important stages of creating the B2B marketing mail campaign, after the design has been signed-off. These services may prove costly for many companies, but you can ensure your order will be produced and delivered to a high-quality with a fulfilment house. Direct mail fulfilment refers to packing and packaging your marketing campaign, and even the space to store the direct mailing before it is delivered. For more information on what to look out for when researching a fulfilment house, you can find our guide here.

You can also expect most mailing companies, including Washington Direct Mail, to provide bulk postage offers, saving you time and money if you were to produce the campaign in-house.


Transactional Mail for the Legal Profession

Transactional mail is direct mail that completes a transaction for the consumer – one of our specialist services at Washington Direct Mail. The broad term covers a range of applications, but is significant for the legal profession. Transactional mail can be used for the likes of account statements or changes to a client account, terms and conditions, business agreements etc.

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